Mom Creates Prep Pack For Her Daughter's First Period, And Every Girl Needs One

by Leah Groth
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A pink prep pack a mother has created for her daughter's first period

Arm your daughter with a period preparation pack BEFORE she gets her period. She will thank you later

Getting your first period is a rite of passage that every young woman experiences, usually sometime during (or before) their middle school years. The moment is usually unexpected and can occur during the middle of the night, at soccer practice or even at school. However, just because you can’t predict when your daughter is going to start her first menstrual cycle, doesn’t mean she has to be unprepared — no matter where she is or what she’s doing.

One totally brilliant mom has come up with a simple solution to keep her daughter ready for the big moment, and it is seriously so awesome you are going to wish your own mother had done it for you. Shannon Glass shared a post about the little period pack she curated for her daughter and it is going viral for all the right reasons.

“Moms of preteens/teens, don’t let them be empty handed when they inevitably start their cycle during middle school. (Some even start in elementary!) I have no clue when Danica will start but I’m making sure she’s prepared,” she wrote on Facebook. “Old Ipsy bag with flushable wipes, teen pads and a change of undies.”

Because Glass is seriously on top of things, she even thought to add in a sandwich bag for “dirty undies as well!” To make sure her daughter is even more prepared, she added that she will keep a pair of black leggings in her daughter’s backpack or locker “in case she needs them.”

She also wanted everyone to know that her daughter had given her permission to share the post and is “so happy it is being shared so much to help out girls her age all over the world!”

So many people were quick to celebrate the idea of the period pack. Other suggested other items to be included in the packs — such as pain relievers for cramps.

What else is so awesome about this idea?

First of all, it sort of normalizes the whole getting-your-period thing — which can be so traumatic for young women. It’s a way that you can calmly communicate with your child about what is going to happen with their bodies and give them a sense of preparedness instead of panic. Did you know that 50 percent of girls would rather be bullied than talk to their parents about their periods? Yep, for real. It’s up to you to open up this dialogue with your daughters, and this is a great way to do it.

Additionally, it allows them to have control of a situation that can make them feel so helpless. You are giving her the opportunity to be like, “I totally got this, no big deal.”

Also, even though there is nothing gross about periods and it is about time we all realized that, this period pack will help remove the “ick” factor out of the big moment. You little girl will be fully equipped to put herself back together and won’t have to leave school in the middle of the day to change clothes, nor will she have to sit through math class in bloody clothes.

So when should you put together one of these clever period packs? Probably earlier than you think. Puberty is hitting sooner for girls than it used to, with the average girl getting her first period at around 12-years-old. Some are getting it as young as eight. Bottom line, it can’t at all hurt to have your daughter tuck this into her backpack this school year — even if she doesn’t need it, she can become an instant hero to another girl who does.

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