Photographer Finds Way To Incorporate Deployed Dad into Maternity Shoot

by Mike Julianelle
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A photoshopped soldier and his pregnant wife stand beside each other, even though they are miles apa...
Image via Traci Lynn Photography

The magic of Photoshop reunites expecting parents for amazing photoshoot

It’s not easy being a military spouse. It’s even harder when you’re expecting a baby and your husband is deployed 7000 miles away.

Thanks to Photoshop and an ingenious photographer, one couple’s distance was made a little more manageable.

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When Nicole hired Traci Lynn, of Traci Lynn Photography, the photographer knew Nicole’s husband Wesley was deployed, and that they wanted to somehow include him in the shoot.

Traci Lynn Photography

Traci Lynn tells Scary Mommy how the project came to be.

“Nicole hired me for the maternity, birth, and newborn, “belly to baby” package, the maternity session would happen without Wesley home, deployed at the time. We wanted to incorporate him, so we planned to bring props to give a nod to him being away.”

Traci Lynn Photography

When Traci noticed how distraught Nicole was, she decided to take things a little further.

“Nicole got him to pose like he did and send me the images to Photoshop together, I put them side by side to show the difference between the locations in different countries. 7,000 miles away, they waited together for Pyper. (He’s stationed in Japan.)”

Traci Lynn Photography

The results, as you can see, are incredible.

Traci Lynn Photography

Traci Lynn says the couple is ecstatic about the photo.

“Nicole and Wesley are so thankful for the pictures, their entire family was in tears and speechless. Nicole said the day we posted the pictures, her phone was nonstop with calls from family talking about how the photo made them feel.”

What a beautiful way to let her husband participate in such a meaningful event. Nicole and Wesley’s baby, Pyper, was born on the 13th – Wesley made it home in time! – and they’re doing great, although Pyper is spending some time in the NICU with some breathing issues.

“We are hoping she will be stabilized and able to settle in at home with Nicole before Wesley has to deploy again. We also wish for her to be better in time for us to do newborn pictures of her with Wesley, as well.”

Traci Lynn Photography

Traci’s experience with this shoot has rededicated her to her “calling” as a photographer. But she has higher hopes for the photo shoot than simply going viral.

“When people see the picture, I hope they thank a soldier for their service, and feel the love radiating from it. Even 7,000 miles away, Wesley’s love for his wife and newborn daughter is amazing. The anticipation was well worth it!”

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