I'm A Pinterest Mom And Proud Of It

by Kimberly Furnell
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Two retro moms holding a tea kettle and a teacup, smiling while looking at each other

Dear Pinterest Moms:


You thought I was going to say something else, didn’t you? You thought this was going to be another rant against Pinterest, against crafting, against making our children’s lives “magical”?

Nope, sorry, this isn’t that.

This is for you, fellow Pinterest Mom. Because you know what? I like you. And I like you, because I am you. Yes, I confess: I’m a Pinterest Mom and I’m proud of it. Not only do I pin that shit, I do that shit.

But guess what? I don’t do it for show and I don’t do it to make other moms feel inadequate. Heck, I don’t even do it for my kids’ benefit. Oh, no. It’s even crazier than that: I do it because I like to.

That’s right; We Pinterest Moms are Pinterest Moms because we like it! We like to craft. We like to decorate. We like to cook and we like to throw parties. We like to make stuff… for fun.

If and when we do show our crafts/baking/parties, it isn’t about you. No, you Non-Pinterest Moms don’t like it and we get that. We just read the fiftieth article that painted us all with the “show off/trying too hard/faking it” brush. We know you don’t want to see it, but that’s okay because we didn’t post that picture to Instagram for you. It was for US. Yes, us.

So I say it again: PINTEREST MOMS UNITE. Unite and tell the world: We want to see that shit.

We want to see what so and so did with clothespins, and what so and so made with twigs. We want to see that fondant cake, because heck, maybe we will make one just like it! Heck, that’s a good idea, I never thought to do that before. That. Looks. FUN. And that’s why we do it: For FUN.

We’re having fun. We’re not contriving magic. We’re not more concerned about our children than you are. We’re not better moms. We’re just crafty moms. We were crafty before we had kids, and we will be crafty when our kids are grown up. And we are just pleased as punch that we have teeny little willing crafting/cooking/baking partners.

You know what? If you don’t craft/cook/bake/whatever, with your kids, that’s okay. We Pinterest Moms don’t care. In fact, my mother never did anything like that with me, and look at me now! I can’t stop crafting. So don’t feel like your children are missing out (and if you’re really concerned, throw some craft supplies their way, or not; there are always twigs).

But you see: It’s not a competition because we were never competing. We were just having fun in the way that we have fun.

If you have a different sort of fun with your family, do it. Post videos of your entire family singing together on YouTube. Go right ahead. And I promise to not feel inadequate because of them.

Personally, I’d rather be poked in the eye repeatedly than do that shit.

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