These Cute, Customizable Children’s Books Are 20% Off Now — & Your Kids Will Flip When They See Themselves In The Story

“Look Mom, It’s Me!!!!”

Written by Candace Nagy
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Whether you’re a parent, a grandparent, or a favorite auntie, there’s nothing better than making the kiddo in your life feel like a million bucks — maybe it’s whipping up their favorite breakfast or taking the afternoon off for some fun one-on-one time. Though, when it comes to the holidays, finding an extra special way to let them know just how loved they are is often the ultimate gift. And it doesn’t get much more thoughtful than these personalized children’s picture books by Read Your Story that are designed to make kids (ages 0 to 8) the stars of their very own magical adventure. And now using the exclusive code SCARY20 at checkout, you can get 20% off your order.

The Backstory On ‘Read Your Story’

Moms are brilliant so it’s no surprise that Read Your Story was founded by two moms who wanted to give their kids the experience of seeing themselves reflected in their own picture book. They teamed up with JibJab to create that same whimsical “stick your face in” style that JibJab is known for. With a few simple clicks and photo uploads, you can create the coolest book with your kiddo as the main character.

How It Works

Creating a personalized Read Your Story book is as simple as selecting one of the eight available stories in either hard or softcover, uploading a few adorable photos of the child (and maybe even some family photos), choosing a matching skin tone, and adding their name and any personalized messages you want to include. And don’t forget to use the exclusive code ‘SCARY20’ at checkout to get 20% off your order now. Plus, any order in the U.S. will qualify for $0.99 flat-rate shipping.

Shop Our Favorites (& There’s One For Every Occasion)

Whether you’re shopping for a toddler just learning shapes or an elementary schooler learning to read, the Read Your Story books have fun age-appropriate themes. And each book is made with thick, high-quality paper to hold up to nightly bedtime reads.

1. This Classic Christmas Story

This Night Before Christmas story is a reimagined classic that takes kids along on an adventure as they help prepare for Santa’s arrival and all those much-awaited gifts. They’ll even get to bring a sibling or friend along since there’s room for additional photos — including a family photo.

Helpful Review: “I can definitely tell that there was a real person doing the final work on the books - I know when looking at the preview I was a little worried about their face placements a few times, but when the book was delivered, their perfect little faces were just where they should be.”—Shannon P.

Recommended Ages: 3 to 8 years

2. A Personalized Picture Book For The Littlest Learners

Ideal for any wee one on your list, the personalized How Many Shapes Do You See? helps little learners identify and master their shapes and numbers while they explore the natural world through cheery illustrations. Read Your Story knows that bringing a friend along on any adventure is always more fun, so you can bet there’s room for more — up to three additional friend or family member photos, to be exact.

Helpful Review: “My son received his book a couple days ago and absolutely LOVES it!! He has insisted on reading it at least three times every night before bed. He loves seeing his face throughout the book.” —Anne H.

Recommended Ages: 0 to 3 years

3. This Book That Let’s You Bake Up The Sweetest Birthday Memories

Read Your Story’s adorable rhyming birthday story promises to make a sweet addition to any child’s special day. What Should We Bake Today? is all about baking and the sounds heard in the kitchen, and the finished baked creation is a tribute to the birthday girl or boy.

Helpful Review: “This was the perfect gift for my nephew's 1st birthday. I got the hardcover book and it is such great quality. The pages are durable and not so thin that they can be easily torn. I loved this! Thank you!”

Recommended Ages: 0 to 3 years

4. This Personalized Book For Two “Special Agents”

Perfect for siblings and families of twins, this clever mystery book lets two kiddos play detective together as they unravel riddles and tackle tongue twisters, all while earning their “top agent” badges in a quest to save their loved one’s dreams (up to three of which can be featured at the end of the story!). The Case Of The Stolen Dreams is sure to capture the imaginations of kids up to 8 years of age.

Helpful Review: “Completely in love with this personal, custom, super easy, cute and great keepsake gift!”—Jessica W.

Recommended Ages: 4 to 8 years

5. This Engaging Mystery Book For Your Precious Mess Monster

This A Monster Mess! book lets your kiddo investigate who (or what?!) could have possibly made such a mess, with great graphics and rhymes along the way. Not only do you get to add your child’s photos and a special dedication, you can also add up to two family photos and you have a choice of five different book cover colors. On thing’s for sure: Your child will love seeing themselves throughout the book.

Helpful Review: “I loved seeing my daughters' faces when they saw their books for the first time! They asked how they got in there and were just amazed. The story of the Monster Mess is hilarious and the ABCs are just too adorable. Nothing beats reading and having them shout out 'that’s me!'“ —Susan C.

Recommended Ages: 3 to 8 years

6. No Photo, No Problem With This ‘Read Your Story’ Gift Certificate

The world of magic and imagination in each Read Your Story personalized book is too good not to share — even if you don’t have a photo of your little reader handy. And the best part is, these gift certificates are delivered via email within 24 hours so there’s no fussing with wrapping and shipping or worrying about the perfect last-minute gift.

Helpful Review: “It was basically exactly what I was looking for as a gift—something that emphasized learning/reading but felt personal.” —Mike S.

Recommended Ages: 0 to 8 years