Man Posts Pic Of Wife's 'Period Outfit' To Reddit, Lives To Tell The Tale

by Anna Gebert
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Image via Reddit

A Reddit user posted an unflattering picture of his wife’s “period outfit” without considering the consequences.

Pop quiz! When is it okay for your husband to take a picture of you while you’re on your period and wearing an unmatching outfit you selected solely for its extremely high comfort factor? The answer, of course, is NEVER, although Reddit user chrisflynn85 apparently disagreed. While indisputably displaying a poor lack of judgment, he went one step further and posted the picture on Reddit with the caption, “This is my wife’s ‘don’t fucking touch me I’m on my period’ outfit.” Classy.

Her look is indeed something special: a pair of grey cheetah-printed pajama pants clash famously with a baby-blue, snowman-patterned robe. The pants are tucked into what appear to be blissfully warm wool socks; this is likely meant to protect her calves from a potential chill creeping its way up from her tiled bathroom floor. And while this is someone’s “period outfit,” many women could come to her defense to attest that outfits similar to this one are their “every goddamned winter day” outfits. And besides, what are you supposed to wear during your period? A negligee?

One Reddit commenter agrees: “Holy shit, am I your wife? Because I’m wearing almost the exact same thing right now. Accented by chocolate ice cream stains.”

Admittedly, we don’t know the circumstances behind the post or the secretly taken photograph – as one can only imagine why she didn’t intentionally pose for it (eye roll). But it seems as though this husband perhaps felt a little rejected by his wife due to menstruation, which is generally accepted by most men as a pretty good excuse to not copulate. In a move that can never, ever be a good idea regardless of any circumstance, this hapless husband decided to go to the internet to complain about it.

Thankfully Reddit users white-knighted for our unfashionable heroine, coming to her defense as only internet commenters can do: ruthlessly.

One user sarcastically commented, “Posting about your wife’s period, with a photo of her, in her pyjamas, on the internet, to tens of thousands of people. She’d love it!”

A popular candid post remarked, “I’d fucking kill you, were I your wife. That’s not cool man.”

And another simply stated, “RIP OP.”

Some foresight that might have saved this guy’s ass was being smart enough to at least keep his wife’s face and name out of the post, though the anonymity of the internet can only protect you as long as you select usernames that don’t, say, allude to your first and last name and perhaps birth year. As it stands, it’s probably only a matter of time before she catches wind of the indefensible shade he threw her way.

Later responding to the multitude of comments on his post, he quipped that he had researched divorce lawyers, which we imagine is yet another joke that will land him in hot water. He would be much better off admitting to his erstwhile suffering wife that he blew it, and plan to make it up to her with some chocolate, foot rubs, and wine. And lots of it.

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