Repurposing the Rainbow Loom

by Emily Gallo
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Two children with their hands binded together with a Rainbow Loom rubber band repurposed as Behavior...

Our kids have embraced the Rainbow Loom trend with a hardcore fierceness that we have to attribute to the overwhelming popularity they see their mothers receive from being consistently on trend and fashion forward. Obviously.

Liam has become a budding entrepreneur, making money on the playground for his colorful creations. Noah’s bracelets are stacked above his elbows at this point. He’s lost circulation to his digits, and he can’t bend his arms. But fashion first.

Rubber bands clutter our playrooms and living rooms and even our bathrooms. But we moms have lived through Jordache jeans and jelly bracelets. We know stirrup pants and shoulder pads. We’ve seen silly bandz come and go. Before we know it, Rainbow Loom will be nothing more than a memory; Liam will have to refocus his business efforts; Noah will rediscover the convenience of opposable thumbs.

And then what? Throw away the pieces when the rubber bands settle? Not a chance…especially when going green is all the rage right now. No. We have a plan…

1. Behavior Bands! You’ve seen the “Get Along” t-shirt, right? It’s an over-sized shirt you shove your kids into when they’re at each other’s throats. Well, behavior bands work the same way. Force your children into close contact by binding their hands and even their ankles together with loom bracelets they made just last week!

This is so much more effective than the “Get Along” shirt because their arms and legs are secure. They literally can’t reach each other’s throats. This feels like a win.

Have one child?

Behavior bands work in hog-tie fashion as well.

2. Laundry Loom! Your children will never look at their loom the same again. If you’re tired of getting rubber bands caught between your toes when you walk across the family room; if you’ve had enough of color-coding tiny rubber bands, use the loom to dry your unders. Your kids will wash their hands of that toy trend in no time!

3. Beverage Bands. Never again sip from a drink not belonging to you. Carry your own set of beverage bands, so you know just which glass of wine is yours (it’s cold and flu season after all!)

4. Fill Lines. “Just say when.” What does that even mean, anyway? To avoid that awkward exchange, keep some brightly colored bands in your purse and add your own fill lines to your glass.

5. Bundle Bands. Now that you’re no longer investing a small fortune in minute rubber bands, use what you’ve got to bundle your savings.

6. Body Bands. Use your cherub’s creations to work your hammies. You’ll want your legs to be ready to kick yourself in the rear for allowing your little ones (and ahem you) to fall victim to the latest fleeting trends.

7. Hair Accessories. This is a no brainer. We know. In keeping with passing trends, we recommend paying homage to Miley Cyrus.

8. Pedi Partner. Adult pigs are probably too big for the loom, but toddler toes are just right. Next time your little one is desperate for a pedi just like Mommy’s, use the loom to separate those tiny toes and get to work. (Michelle recommends forcing your big toes in there because the loom can work wonders for a bunion problem, too!)

Or you can just let all the loom pieces settle to the bottom of the toy box, which is probably what we’ll do, too. That’s what all the cool parents are doing anyway, right?

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