These Shopping Cart Covers Keep Baby Comfy & Clean At The Grocery Store

Stroll Through The Baby Aisle In Style.

by Jenn Sinrich
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If you plan on taking Baby to the grocery store, you’re gonna need a shopping cart cover. It’s just one of those unexpected baby gear items you’ll need to have. One of the best things about the baby stage of life is that you can bring them just about anywhere and they’re happy to sit and watch you do your thing. With toddlers, you can’t do that—they need to be moving at all times, and you need them to so that they’ll nap later on. But if you’re planning on taking your baby out with you on shopping trips, be it to the grocery store or good old Target, you’ll want to invest in a shopping cart cover.

Let’s face it — there are plenty of issues with the metal, jail-like, slated seats that are designed for your child to sit in with your standard shopping cart. Would you want to sit in there and be wheeled around the grocery store? We hope you answered no — and your little one would probably agree if she could. That’s where baby cart covers come in handy — they wrap around the front area of where your baby’s meant to sit in the standard shopping cart to make it more comfortable, clean, and safe.

Luckily, more and more brands are hopping on the grocery cart cover bandwagon and creating really user-friendly shopping cart covers that can even be used for high chairs, which comes in handy when you’re out to dinner and don’t want your little one gnawing on the side of the wooden seat. Here are some of the best shopping cart covers to keep your child safe and happy on the go.

Best Baby Shopping Cart Covers

This shopping cart cover can also be conveniently used in a highchair to keep your little one away from yucky surfaces. It features 1 teether and 2 loops so you can attach his favorite toys. It’s super easy to install, which parents can appreciate, and folds into a compact carrying pouch when not in use. It also comes in five different prints, featuring dinosaurs, pink dots, blue dots, soft grey and forest animals

One Reviewer Wrote: “My main concern was putting my one-year-old twins in dirty high chairs at restaurants especially because they put their mouth on everything!!! This covers various sizes of high chairs and covers it completely. Once you get the hang of folding it back up, it’s compact enough to just leave in the car so you always have it on hand. I love it.”

Most parents are familiar with the brand Skip Hop, which sells everything from diaper bags to bath toys, and also shopping cart covers like this neat one that can also be used restaurant-style in high chairs. It comes with a padded seat and leg openings so your little one is extra comfy sitting still for extended periods of time. It’s easy to attach—one strap for your baby and one strap for the seat. Oh, and it’s machine washable!

One Reviewer Wrote: “This was really great to use with our little girl when she was smaller at the store. It’s not super bulky, was easy enough to carry in and put on the cart, and made it more comfortable for her when she was smaller. Looks nice, good quality, and has held up well. Will be using it with our newest addition to the family very soon.”

Boppy is another beloved infant and toddler brand moms and dads know well (they’re best known for their epic breastfeeding pillow). It’s no surprise that they came out with a shopping cart cover that can double as a restaurant high chair cover, too. It offers 360-degree coverage, comes with a toy that you can swap out freely for one of your baby’s fave toys or a pacifier, and has a 2-point safety harness that keeps them safe.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I purchased a few different cart covers and this Boppy one was by far the best quality and worth the higher cost. I like that it fits over the back of the cart seat so it stays in place, as well as the padding on it and the toy attachment.”

Like most things Munchkin makes, this baby shopping cart cover is pretty much foolproof when it comes to installing and using. It features a special Stretch-to-Fit fabric that wraps around most shopping carts no matter the size and shape. It also has a universal locking system that easily attaches the cover to the cart without having to use any snaps or ties. Once you’re finished with it, you can roll it up into a compact carrying case. Oh and you can throw it in the washing machine when you’re done!

One Reviewer Wrote: “This is by far the best of all of the seat covers. For one there’s a pocket for not just your phone or your shopping list. This works great with a baby that loves to grab my list or phone and play with it. Also this way you can throw a movie on and engage your kid while you’re in the store. The other best part is how comfortable it is. This has more cush than the other ones I’ve tried.”

This shopping cart cover can also be used as a high chair seat. It’s full of entertainment for your baby—with toy loops that you can attach anything to, a bottle strap, and tassels to securely cover the sides. It’s got a 4.8 out of five-star rating on Amazon, with thousands of positive reviews. You can grab this cover in one of nine cute patterns.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I absolutely love this cart cover. It’s so adorable and fits over every cart I’ve used so far. I especially love the phone slot so my little one can watch videos on it to keep him occupied. I have no problems folding/unfolding it when getting it ready to put on the cart or even out of my car. Also, I washed it and it was completely fine coming out of the dryer with no issues.”

If you’re a wholesale shopper and have multiples, or more than one child of age to be sitting in a shopping cart, you’ll need a shopping cart cover that can handle them both. This one is designed for Costco carts or any of those at major wholesale or warehouse stores. It is extra large and has four holes for twins. It can also be used for high chairs as a single. In addition to being machine washable, it also rolls into a carrying case for easy travel.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This is a good cart cover for twins or two children. Easy to put on and fold back in a little bag to put it away, it has loops... to put some toys or hoop your keys and a clear pocket that can be used for your phone. You can also use it for one child, the only con with that is that you will have two openings on the sides of the baby and if they have a loose cup or toy they may drop it.”

One thing you might notice that’s different about this shopping cart cover is its extra plush center that serves as a positioner to prop your baby up (this is especially helpful for infants younger than 6 months). It also has two loops that you can attach toys to as well as a vinyl pocket that keeps your smartphone protected. Nearly 5,000 people have helped rank this seat cover a 4.7 out of five on Amazon, so you know it’s a worthy contender.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Great cart cover for babies who can’t sit up on their own yet! The lil pillow works great for helping them sit up and [is] a good cushion when [laying] my son down for a bottle in the cart. Definitely recommend!”

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