Snooki Posts An Instagram Video That All Moms Can Relate To

by Sarah Hosseini
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A screenshot from an Instagram video post by Snooki in a floral dress in a mirror reflection

Snooki posts the most relatable Instagram photo of all time

We’ve all been there. Temper tantrums are a part of life with little ones. They happen at home, in grocery stores, and while on important conference calls. And anyone that’s been through a child’s DEFCON-five-fit knows the quickest way to stop it, is to ignore it.

Which is exactly what mom of two, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, did in a recent Instagram post promoting a new dress from her apparel shop.

She snapped a selfie modeling the floral maxi while her son Lorenzo threw a fit on the floor behind her (as kids do). In her Instagram post, the former “Jersey Shore” star wrote, “Sunday funday! Don’t mind my tantrum kid in the back.”

Because this is the internet, Polizzi did have some haters and mom-shamers try to put her down for taking a selfie while ignoring her kid’s temper tantrum. (Clearly, these people do not have children or they’re delusional). Kids throw tantrums, it’s what they do.

But mostly the moms of the internet rose up in solidarity and basically said we’ve all been there.

“When my kids had tantrums I did the same thing! Ignore! Guess what after awhile they stopped having tantrums because no one was paying attention to that crap,” one person wrote.

“You don’t have to be a mother to know that when a kid is having a tantrum, you’re not supposed to give them attention for it, unless they’re hurting themselves obviously. Mind your business and leave her alone,” another wrote.

“Terrible twos, threes, fours, fives, etc. Every parent has been there, so stop it people.”

“Love it! Real mom trying to do her her thing … kid in the background throwing a fit is whats real,” another wrote.

“Umm, aren’t you supposed to leave your kid alone when he or she is throwing a tantrum? Show them that they can’t get their way by crying and screaming hysterically? I don’t know, but people should really stop telling others how to parent…”

All kids lose their shit sometimes. Occasionally they’ll flip out at home and other times it’s in the middle of the checkout line at the grocery store. It sucks for everyone involved, but it’s just a fact of life. Anyone that’s ever tried to actually stop a temper tantrum learns quickly that it doesn’t work. The tried-and-true advice is always to ignore it. The reality star was doing the right thing and what any of us would’ve done in the same situation.

Sometimes kids need to learn to self-soothe. And that’s exactly what ignoring a temper tantrum (or two) teaches them to do.

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