Teacher Fired After Leaving Nasty Note About Diets In 5-Year-Old's Lunchbox

by Madison Vanderberg
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Mom leaves heartwarming note in son’s lunchbox only to receive a nasty one from a daycare worker

An employee at a Texas daycare center was fired after leaving a nasty note for a student’s mom in the kid’s lunchbox about his diet. Francesca Easdon dropped her five-year-old son Kyler off at Rocking Horse daycare in Kingwood, Texas — the same daycare he’d been attending for the last three years — and put a sweet note in his lunchbox that “mommy loves him.” Easdon hoped that her son would be happy to see her loving note, but when he returned home from school that day, a daycare worker had added her own message to the note and wrote, “No! Put him on a diet and go away!”

“I sent this note in Kylers lunchbox, thinking that it would make him smile at lunch time, but instead, I received this in return from one of the teachers!” Easdon wrote. “Of course I was absolutely livid and immediately reached out to the school. First thing this morning I was at the school waiting on the director.”

Easdon said she was in shock when she read the note, telling WABC-TV that “it took a minute to register, what I even saw and I just kept re-reading it and I just stood there for a minute.

Easdon said the teacher was immediately terminated, but she says the school and the teacher seemed to show “zero remorse for their actions.” A director at the Rocking Horse daycare in Kingwood told WABC-TV that he was sorry for the incident

“I am disgusted that I put my trust in these people to care for my child and this is what I get in return,” Easdon wrote in her post while adding that she was especially frustrated because she and the school had already had a conversation about her son’s diet prior to the incident.

“We have been working with Kyler on his eating, he’s extremely picky!” Easdon explained. “I have been introducing new healthy options in his lunchbox and discussed the changes with his school. And for the record, I feel that Kyler is absolutely perfect the way he is, I’m just helping him make healthier choices. Instead of his school being supportive I am in absolute shock at what happened.”

Easdon has removed her son from the center and enrolled him “in a beautiful new facility,” though she says she’s “worried about the higher cost” but “will make it work, no matter what I have to do.”

“Kyler’s safety and level of care comes first,” she added. Easdon ended her post with this parting message to fellow parents: “Monitor your daycares closely.”

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