The Google Search History of a Mom

by Becci Nicholls
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A mom going through her google search history on her laptop while holding her child

I love Google. You can search for anything, at any time. It’s helped me out countless times, and has made me think I’m about to go into cardiac arrest on several other occasions.

Google is not judgmental. You can ask whatever you want, and it will never disclose your identity (if you have it set up correctly). This is an amazing invention.

I have asked Google some pretty crazy things over the last 4 years and 8 months; some personal, some hilarious, and some hilariously personal. I do not believe for a second I’m the only one with a funny search history, but the only way to tell for sure is to share (some of) mine with you.

These are in chronological order from February 2010 when I became pregnant up until October 2011, my son’s first birthday:

Why is my period late?

Reasons a period can be late

Are cheap pregnancy tests accurate?

Are Clear Blue tests accurate?

What to do when you find out you’re pregnant

Clear jellylike substance

What does your first scan involve?

How big is my baby at 6 weeks?

Is it normal to have an increased sex drive in your first trimester?

Why do my boobs hurt?

Why do my boobs hurt at 8 weeks pregnant?

Morning sickness and afternoon sickness

Why are pregnant women sick?

Why do pregnant women crave lager?

Does sex when pregnant effect your baby?

Smells make me vomit

What can go wrong with 12 week scan?

Can you eat nuts whilst pregnant?

Why do I keep crying?

Pregnancy hormones

Pregnancy and feeling crazy

Nursery designs

Moses basket mattresses

Sudden high blood pressure in pregnancy

How can blood pressure effect my baby?

Inspiring quotes for pregnant women

Do hot baths hurt your baby bump?

Why have my nipples tripled in size?

Is it normal to not want your husband anywhere near you in bed?

Why am I peeing every 15 minutes?

Why is my belly itching?

Will I love my baby?

What if I drop my baby?

How accurate is a gender scan?

Blood pressure readings during pregnancy


Which bottles do I use for a newborn?

Caesarean section

Caesarean recovery

Growth scan at 32 weeks

Have I got thrush?

Why am I still throwing up week 32?


Should my newborn cry constantly?

Do newborns sleep at night?


Why am I a shitty mom?

I feel crazy

When does a baby roll?


Are exploding nappies normal?

Should baby poo look like korma?

Baby injections and reactions

Can a baby have Tylenol?

When does teething start?

Sleep deprivation

No sex drive post pregnancy

When will my caesarean scar stop being numb?

Bark cough in baby

Nhs direct

Can my Caesarean scar pop open?


When do you need to take a baby to dentist?

Baby puree ideas

Is it safe to take 10 month old abroad?

Baby bumped head

Signs of concussion

Baby fluid intake

Why is my period late?

Two under two

Coping with a toddler and a newborn

Do you love your second child as much as first?

Tandem buggies

Am I a terrible mum having a small age gap in children?

Morning sickness remedies

Will my 17 month old ever sleep on their own?

First birthday party for boy

Jungle theme first birthday

…And there we have the highlights of my first year of motherhood from the view point of Google.

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