The Newest MAGNA-TILES Collection Will Knock Your Kid's Socks Off

Boredom-proof their play area.

Written by Lib Aubuchon

As a parent, you have a sixth sense (and probably a seventh, eighth, and ninth) for when your kid is about to tell you they’re bored. The announcement can strike at any time, but it’s most likely to appear when a playdate falls through, the weather won’t cooperate or — let’s be honest — for absolutely no reason at all!

You know what they say about an ounce of prevention, right? To keep your kids engaged, creative and miles from the brink of boredom, they need toys with endless creative possibilities. Toys without batteries, loading times, chargers or “game over” screens. Toys that help them develop the core skills they’ll use throughout their lives — and have fun doing it.

Well, the OG innovators in magnetic construction tools for kids have got you covered. The new In Motion collection from the MAGNA-TILES brand builds on their reputation for safety, quality, and creativity with new motion features. With Figures, Ramps and Roads, the In Motion collection supports meaningful play — while your kid has a blast, they’re also bolstering fine motor skills, absorbing STEAM concepts, and igniting their creativity. Plus, like all MAGNA-TILES toys, play is child-led. Translation: you’ll sip your coffee while it’s still hot!

Support Development With Simple Play

With the new Downhill Duo 40-Piece Set, young racers can build a mega ramp, set up a side-by-side downhill duo race or create rolling hills to cruise along. They’ll love adding the magnatized Figures to their MAGNA-TILES worlds for a whole new level of imaginative play. Like all MAGNA-TILES sets, the In Motion collection is made from only the good stuff, none of the icky stuff. Pieces are made from food-grade, non-toxic, and highly transparent MABS plastic that’s free from BPAs, phthalates, and latex. And magnets are selected with kids in mind, letting them easily pull apart for frustration-free building and rebuilding.

Fun and games are pretty great. But fun and games that help kids develop motor skills like reaching, pushing, pulling, bending, balancing, and coordinating are absolutely top tier.

No Cruise Director Required

As parents, we often find ourselves thinking of new ways to entertain our kids. But the truth is, kids need opportunities to direct their own intuitive play, without adult direction. MAGNA-TILES construction toys encourage the kind of free-form play that keeps kids occupied and engaged. Dashers — part of the new In Motion collection — are designed so kids can build vehicles that cruise along traditional Squares as well as new Ramps and Roads.

With wheels that ride on the outside of tiles and a small brake on the bottom to regulate speed, the Dashers 6-Piece Set includes age-appropriate pieces for hours of rolling adventure. Like all MAGNA-TILES pieces, they’re completely compatible with all other MAGNA-TILES sets.

Fewer toys and less adult direction means more play and more learning, inspiring independent play and a love for creative possibilities.

Experience-Based Play

Open-ended play experiences help kids connect to the people and the world around them. The In Motion collection facilitates the kind of highly interactive and creative play that builds kids’ social skills and allows them to practice critical communication skills. Focus is on the play experience, helping kids learn to work with others. These skills are critical for school, team sports, and other social situations.

Cooperative play with the new MAGNA-TILES Figures, Ramps, and Roads also helps kids learn to take turns, negotiate with each other, develop empathy and build conflict resolution skills through (literal) hands-on experience.

Fun Above All

Children have an enduring, universal interest in cars and motion. The new In Motion collection allows little ones to create countless road configurations with their favorite toys and vehicles. So as much as we love the developmental aspect of MAGNA-TILES sets, what matters most is that kids are having FUN and experiencing the pure joy of play. They can engage in the kind of fun that inspires their imaginations, with a blank slate that allows their creativity to run wild.

In an increasingly tech-heavy world, the MAGNA-TILES brand offers tons of opportunities to engage in imaginative, hands-on play. You're not just giving your kids a toy; you're providing them with a creative outlet, a learning tool, and a source of countless joyful hours. And you can feel good knowing you’ve got a toy that’s safety-first, top quality and practically boredom-proof.