10 Benefits to Being The Older Mom

by Tracy Morrison
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An older mother and her three daughters posing and smiling while sitting on a porch.

I was pushing my daughter in the swing the first time it happened. The mother pushing her sweet baby girl next to me reached out to make small talk and cut through the uncomfortable silence of strangers side by side at the playground. “Are you taking care of your granddaughter today?” she asked calmly.

The next time it happened I was handing my credit card to the cashier at the grocery store. She said with a big smile “oh what a lucky little baby girl to go shopping with Grandma this morning!”

When I got in my car I immediately did a gray hair check in my visor mirror and noted I needed a little touch-up. While it’s not unusual anymore to see moms in their 40’s with new babies, I realize how one can get confused. I have to remember that my grandma had just turned 40 when she became a grandmother.

I didn’t correct either of those ladies who confused me with my baby’s grandma. There was no need to embarrass them or slap them. Or to get botox.

Because this is what is awesome about being the older mom …

1. There is no need to buy Play-doh to keep the kids entertained. My skin has lost most of it’s elasticity so they can pull it up and twist in and it stays in place for quite a while before slowly creeping down in place again. Hours of fun and laughter over mommy’s skin.

2. No need to buy those math skills books. They can simply count my wrinkles and age spots to practice their math.

3. Two-fer coupon days for diapers since I need them as much as my baby!

4. And also, I don’t stress about rushing potty training as I know can tell her that in 40 years she is just going to need them again so why bother. It’s kind of like why do we really need to make the bed everyday.

5. Furthermore, I don’t get mad a them piddling in their panties – as my piddling is twice as bad.

6. With aging and rotting teeth, the homemade baby food I make also makes a great snack for me.

7. No need to bring coloring books to keep the kids busy. One of their favorite things to do is grab a brown marker and try to color my gray hairs for fun. Plus, picking out mommy’s new hair color each month at the store is kind of like buying new art supplies. I let them pick out the color.

8. Many older moms such as I also have kids that are older. Now you can sit on your ass at the playground while your older kids push the baby on the swing. I deserve my People and latte time.

9. Nursing a new baby with sagging boobs makes life so much easier since my boobs now lay next to me… I don’t even have to roll-over towards the baby. I could also lay her on the counter and nurse while preparing dinner.

10. No need to pack a pillow for travel when your perimenopausal belly paunch works perfectly for your kids to rest their weary heads.

When I finally am a grandmother? I will really look the part.

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