Let This Viral Pregnancy Story Be A Cautionary Tale: Follow Up With Your Vasectomies, People

by Sarah Hosseini
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A woman shocked because her pregnancy test results and a man who is happy

Vasectomy fail: dad of three surprises wife with pregnancy announcement

By now we all know that birth control, in any form, is not 100 percent effective. But a vasectomy, if done right and followed up on, can be a pretty fool proof way to not procreate. That’s what a dad in Georgia forgot to do. Tim Brummel didn’t follow up with the clinic about his vasectomy and now he and his wife, Rachel, are unexpectedly expecting their fourth child. But don’t cry for me, Argentina. The couple is not mad, apparently. They’re happy.

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Tim said his wife Rachel was really tired and started “showing signs of pregnancy.” A guy that can pick up on pregnancy signs must be some friggin’ type of unicorn. Seriously, my husband wouldn’t notice if I was knocked up with a damn T-Rex right now. He wouldn’t notice if I was more tired than usual, I’m always complaining of being more tired than usual. And if my period was a little late – BAH! No worries, we’d chalk it up to pre peri-menopause or something (if that’s even a thing).

So Tim notices his wife is acting pregnant and decides he’s going to figure out if she’s pregnant before she does. How you ask? Bear with me folks. Tim told PEOPLE, “I turned off the toilet water in the middle of the night and flushed so there was no water in it.” We’re still with ya Tim. He continued, “And the test came back positive.” He documented the whole surprise scheme, how he pulled it off and his wife’s reaction, in this viral video on YouTube.

Not only was the dad of three not angry about accidentally breeding again, he didn’t slam the clinic for the snafu either. He just thought they should’ve called to follow up. Yeah dude, we feel you on that one. “It’s a little unprofessional not to let us know, but those [procedures] aren’t perfect, so I don’t fault them for not working,” said Tim. He’s being really cool about the whole thing. Way cooler than I would be. But, OMG, I’m talking to you – people who-don’t-want-to-breed, let this be a lesson to you. If you want some reassurance on your vasectomy, please follow up, even if the clinic says we’ll call you. How many doctors call back when they say they’re going to? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

My husband had a vasectomy after our second child and you better believe we called to follow up about his sperm count. For one, we wanted to have sex. We had been waiting and waiting and waiting dammit. But there was no way in hell I was having sex without the brightest, greenest, surest, go-ahead light from my husband’s doctor. Hell no. Nope. I was up to my ears in baby shit, diaper changes and spit up. I was more afraid of getting pregnant, than I was of fire.

When we did follow up with the clinic months after the procedure the nurses told my husband, “You have three dead swimmers.” Yes, the fuckers were dead, but they were still there. I wasn’t taking my chances. We waited until the results came back with a big fat ZERO. Which again, required another follow up.

Please note that Tim doesn’t explain how exactly he got his wife’s urine out of the toilet bowl (which, we thank you Tim for sparing us the details), but for real – who in the hell is fishing through their spouse’s pee? Nope. Um, nope. Still nope.

While this is certainly one bizarre story and pregnancy announcement, we couldn’t be happier for this family.

Their baby is due March 2017.

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