Viral Video Proves That A Little Kid 'Swearing' Is Always Funny

by Anna Gebert
A scene from a funny viral video of a little blonde kid swearing

Little girl who loves Smucker’s Peanut Butter insists on a foul mispronunciation

Think sharp, fair reader – what comes to mind when asked: what rhymes with ‘Smuckers’? You’re no better than many if your quick wit leads to a naughty invective beginning with the letter F. In the case of Amanda Bacon’s charming young daughter, that very slur is captured on video, though without profane intent.

The tow-headed girl is prompted by her eager mother to say, “I love Smucker’s Peanut Butter.” But as toddlers are wont to do, the daughter pointedly disagrees with her mother’s suggested phrase while basically saying the exact same thing in kid-speak. But with a giant F-Bomb.

“No, no, Mom!” she scoffs, “That’s not the way it goes… Fucker’s Peanut Butter.”

She wipes her chin as though in fond memory of the decadent, calorie-laden spread:

“That’s the word.”

If you don’t laugh the first (or fourth) time you hear the clearly enunciated profanity, you’re way better than me – and her parent. The mom prompts her determined daughter to reiterate her phrasing; the girl is apparently frustrated with the repetitive requests and tries to coach the giggling mother into how she believes it’s pronounced:

“You’ve got to take a deep breath like this…Fffffffucker’s Peanut Butter.”

The video was posted last month but has recently gained some traction online. Why, you ask? Because it’s so stupidly endearing. But unlike a lot of cute kid videos out there, this one’s got some edge. After all, the star of this video is wearing a girl-power cartoon tank top, has apparently drawn some savage zebra stripes on her own arm, and she presumably rejects a regular brushing of her flaxen mane. And let’s not forget her stubborn refusal to accept that her favorite lunch condiment is correctly pronounced “Smucker’s” – because that would mean her mom knows something that she doesn’t. Which, of course, is unacceptable.

The clip achieves what it likely set out to accomplish: parental amusement as a pixieish tot tosses out an indecorous word. We gently snicker at a kid’s inability to properly pronounce something – a proper name no less – which results in a curse that many consider to be inappropriate. Several who watch the clip may cringe at the slight possibility they’re inadvertently encouraging the repetition of a word that should really only be used by adults. It’s cuter when it’s someone else’s kid, after all.

Yet, no matter how entertaining it is when a child innocently plays an adult role – whether by language or action, intentional or not – it remains important to remind them that there’s plenty of time for kids to grow up. In an age when a simple finger swipe can access perversity, maintaining innocence when and where we can is that much more important. Amanda Bacon’s daughter is a lovable girl whose pronunciation, no matter how hilariously misguided, allowed us a few laughs. Let’s encourage her feisty attitude and fierce determination while hoping she lays off intentional usage of the F-word until she’s old and experienced – like us.