What Is It Like Having Triplets?

by Jen Mitchell
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When people find out that I am the mother of triplets, besides wanting to know how I handle them on a daily basis, they want to know what its like to have triplets. I usually say something like, “It’s exactly how you think it would be… crazy” or “Imagine three of your kid.”

But the problem is that most people can’t imagine what that’s like. They have no experience with triplets and can’t begin to fathom triplets. I know this because I was the same way before I had mine. I remember watching a cousin of mine with her twins when my oldest son was just 14 months old and thinking that I would never be able to handle twins.

Thankfully, I was right. I never had to learn how to handle twins…. just triplets.

So, what is it like having triplets? I’ll tell you, based on my experience with triplet toddlers…

Having triplets is washing pee soaked sheets from someone wetting the bed just about every morning.

It’s using 212 newborn sized diapers in about eight days.

It’s dealing with people asking you personal questions like, ‘are they natural’ or ‘did you have sex 3 times in one night to get triplets’?

It’s going through one pitcher of formula in a 24 hour period.

It’s a constant, non-stop chorus of “me too’s.”

It’s being the mom other mom’s scoff at because you have kids who come in a group and they tend to gang up on other kids but secretly loving this because they stand up for each other.

It’s getting more free time because they always have a playmate around who isn’t mommy.

It’s dealing with a kid shoving a t-shirt in the toilet, a kid coloring on the wall and a kid jumping from the couch… all at the same time.

It’s constantly doing a head count when at a playground or play area because they are never all together outside of the house.

It’s feeling like a failure because one baby always had to cry it out because your arms only can only hold two.

It’s begging and pleading with God for just two hours of sleep in a row because that is all you need to function.

It’s hoping that some day baby vomit will become a couture perfume smell since that is what you always smell like since you have triplet infants who all have reflux and vomit all the time.

It’s forever and always having to drive a minivan.

It’s an overwhelming sense of joy you get when three little people give you ‘I love you, mommy’ hugs.

It’s judgmental stares and eye rolls.

It’s the ability to rock a baby, burp a baby and feed a baby all at the same time.

It’s tripping over and stepping on a child because there is constantly one under foot.

It’s frantically searching the house for three different lovies so that three overly tired and crabby toddlers will finally take a nap.

It’s being able to understand three different things told to you by three different children at the same time.

It’s finding ways to make each child love being a triplet but also love being an individual.

It’s standing firm to three children who constantly test the limits.

It’s 30 fingernails and 30 toenails to cut and trim.

It’s always pulling three sippy cups out of the cupboard.

It’s having to only go through every stage at the same time.

It’s a huge sense of pride in the fact that you have triplets and manage to get dressed every day and even leave the house.

See, having triplets is really not all that hard… expect for when it is.

Now, don’t you want to have sex three times in one night in hopes of getting triplets?

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