Parents’ Hilarious Bieber Parody Gets Real About Life After 40

by Maria Guido
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The Holderness Family is known for their parody videos about marriage and family, but their newest one tackles a subject some of us are all too familiar with — 40. Or more precisely, what starts happening to your life after you turn 40. The long story is way too long, the short story is you get tired earlier and you’re not cool anymore. But there’s a bonus! You don’t care.

The song is a parody of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” — and the lyrics are hilarious.

…Went to a club ’cause we wanted to try and get crazy

Sitter asks us “Why are you going out at 5:30?”

That’s ’cause we want you to give all our kids macaroni

And we learnt, to get turnt, super early…

Ouch, this is funny. And it also hurts my feelings a little — because it’s so true.

…When we got there, there were only three people in the whole place

Sun was still out and the TV was still playing Nancy Grace

So for an hour we all danced to Hammer and Rob Base

Until nine, when they played all the new stuff

Well it’s too late now ’cause I’m 40.

I can’t do those things with my body.

Yes it’s too late now ’cause I’m 40

And I wish that I could just break it down

But it’s too late ’cause I’m 40 now…

Seriously. I’m legitimately angry when a TV show I like doesn’t come on until 10 p.m. What’s happened to me?

…We do the Macarena until everyone’s staring

But now we’re 40 and that means we really aren’t caring

Knowing that you are not cool is very liberating

We just turn this place out ’til we’re drowsy…

“I turn 40 in March, but I’ve already assumed the age,” Kim Holderness told TODAY Parents. “I’ve been writing ’40’ on forms for the last six months…I’m OK with 40. I love to sleep. I love elastic waistbands. I am more comfortable in my own skin than I was at age 20. I dance my old, 90’s moves and don’t care if people laugh at me — there’s joy in that.”

Yup. There are some perks to getting old.

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