Parents Outraged After District Bans Halloween Costumes In School

by Valerie Williams
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Schools in Milford, Connecticut are banning Halloween costumes for their fall celebrations. They’re concerned with children feeling left out due to opposing religious or cultural beliefs. Despite the school offering a range of activities to recognize the holiday, district parents are petitioning the school and voicing their anger on social media.

Parents were notified of the change to the way the district will celebrate Halloween via a letter from the principal:

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Parents are protesting via a petition started by Milford resident Rebecca Lilley. From Ctpost, the petition reads, “These are our American customs and traditions and we should not have to give them up because others find them offensive! I’m so tired (of) my kids missing out on some of the things we all got to do as children and are some of the greatest childhood memories I have due to others saying they find it offensive.”

The general reaction from parents has been one of anger that the long-standing tradition of kids wearing costumes at school is coming to a close. Beyond anger, some have made some offensive and over-the-top remarks regarding the new policy. Here’s a sampling from the Facebook page of Connecticut news anchor Heidi Voight:

This is bad! I can only imagine what is next. If someones religion does not believe in celebrating or participating in Halloween activities, then don’t. They are not being excluded. Their families choose not to have them celebrate. There is a difference. But what about the people who do celebrate? A very sad situation. Also, this does not send a very good message to all involved? Sad!

I am sorry as a nation we welcome legal immigrants but they have always had to adjust to our traditions and beliefs. We should respect there traditions but they should also respect ours. Should we cancel Thanksgiving because we mistreated Indians or Christmas because of Muslims, Jews or Jehovah Witnessess?

Who ever is coming up and starting this are fools and all I have to say is you are Politically Incorrect. If my child went to that school he would be in his Halloween Costume and giving every one candy.

It’s called being politically correct and being ultra sensitive to all parties….the wussification of this country is well upon us and will only get worse.

It looks like people are rather upset over kids not being able to show off their costumes at school, as though this is some great loss for their education. I can’t help but wonder how much good could be accomplished on behalf of Milford students if these parents directed their outrage at something that truly mattered. Not to mention, according to the letter sent home, the school is still doing quite a bit to recognize Halloween. From the reactions of these parents, you’d think the school was abolishing Halloween celebrations of any sort.

What some of these parents might not consider is the plight of a child whose family can’t afford a costume. Or, a child from a family that doesn’t celebrate Halloween. When most other kids are in a costume, it must be difficult for the handful of children who aren’t wearing one, for whatever reason. Not to mention, a school’s purpose is to educate children. They’re under no obligation to give up a day of instruction to celebrate any holiday, let alone one that might alienate members of its student body.

The fact is, families can celebrate Halloween however they choose outside of school. Halloween has the added bonus of being on a Saturday this year, so the entire day can be spent in costume and visiting friends. I’ll admit that it might upset me a little if my kids’ school adopted a similar policy, but I certainly wouldn’t be signing petitions and protesting all over social media. It would elicit a shrug and an eye-roll, but at the end of the day, it won’t do much to stop my kids from enjoying the holiday the way our family prefers. These parents are directing an awful lot of anger and energy toward something that doesn’t matter much in the long run, and should probably consider the valid reasoning behind the new policy before voicing their concerns to the rest of the community.

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