Tweets By Parents On The Hell That Is Social Distancing

by Christina Marfice
Tweets By Parents On The Hell That Is Social Distancing

Parents are tweeting about their struggles with social distancing and it’s relatable AF

The coronavirus has changed nearly everything about our day-to-day lives. Weddings and other events have been cancelled or postponed. People who never dreamed they’d be able to work from home are now forced to (and forced to endure awkward conference calls that include seeing their coworkers’ homes, something none of us signed up for). And there may be no one feeling the pain of social distancing quite like parents, who are now expected to homeschool their increasingly antsy, trapped-at-home-for-the-entire-foreseeable-future kids. Luckily, many of them are tweeting about it, which means if you’re feeling the pains of quarantining alongside your kids, you’re very much not alone, and you can find solidarity in all these tweets.

First, there are the parents who are struggling with homeschooling while social distancing, as anyone would.

Add in work on top of it, and you have a lot of parents who are extra grateful for understanding bosses during the age of social distancing.

Parents everywhere are now learning that it’s truly always 5 o’clock somewhere.

The parents who are just now learning the true limits to how much their kids can eat in a day are relatable AF.

As are the parents who have learned, via social distancing, that they should take some extra time to thank their kids’ teachers for all that they do.

Like, seriously — counting the minutes until those saintly teachers can take over again.

Truly, we’re all feeling the pressure of being cooped up a little too long, but for parents, there’s just another layer of struggle added to this whole social distancing thing. Check on the parents in your life, because chances are, they are extremely not OK.

At the end of the (long, long) day, social distancing is the best shot we have at slowing down the coronavirus and saving lives. And at least we know we’re all in it together.