Parents Are Writing Apology Letters From Santa Because We’ve Lost Our Collective Minds

by Megan Zander
Image via Facebook

Parents are having Santa “apologize” to kids for not getting them a Hatchimal

The Hatchimal is the hottest toy of of the 2016 holiday season, which means it’s nearly impossible to find anywhere. With less than a month until Christmas, some parents are still desperately stalking the aisles of Toys R Us hoping to score one of those coveted eggs. But other parents are taking a different approach. Rather than risk disappointing their child if they can’t find a Hatchimal before December 25th, they’re preempting their kid’s Christmas morning tempter tantrum with a written apology letter from Santa Claus.

Honestly, give us a break.

These letters explain how sorry he is that there won’t be a Hatchimal waiting under the tree on Christmas morning. Some versions include a promise that they’ll get one ASAP. And it’s great to want to make the holidays magical for children, but an apology letter from Santa Claus? Really? This is a thing now, that as parents we’re so afraid of upsetting our kids we’re making Santa write letters explaining his actions? Since when does the man in red apologize for anything? He’s supposed to watch over you to make sure you don’t step out of line and steal your cookies as a reminder of his power, not grovel at your feet for forgiveness over a single gift.

This letter includes an elaborate backstory about the Hatchimal population and its imminent demise should your child continue to insist on getting one for the holidays. But rather than an IOU for a Hatchimal after the holiday rush is over, it’s a flat out “Not going to happen.” And that’s not a bad thing. Because a kid’s Christmas list should be a jumping off point as inspiration for parents who don’t spend their weekend mornings watching cartoons to know what’s the latest in trendy toys. It’s a list of suggestions, not a list of demands.

Kids shouldn’t get every single gift they ask for. As parents we want to make our kids happy, but it’s unrealistic to think that we’ll always be able to get them every item on their Christmas list, even if it’s something that all the other kids are excited over too. This year it’s a Hatchimal but what about when they want the new Iphone that’s on back order for months? Or a gaming system that’s way out of budget, even if it is in stock? Learning that you don’t always get what you want is a part of life, even around the holidays.

Parents, we don’t need to give Santa this much power. It’s up to us, remember? Why drive yourself nuts searching for this ridiculous toy when you could simply tell your kids that Santa’s magic only goes so far?

Besides, let’s be honest. By the time next Christmas rolls around that Hatchimal’s going to be under the bed collecting dust with the Rainbow Loom anyway.