Grown Man Serving As 'Flower Girl' At Cousin's Wedding Steals The Show

by Sarah Hosseini
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Image via Erin Moore Photography

Patrick Casey is the most epic Flower Man ever

When a couple asks you to play a role in their wedding, you do it. Even if the dress is hideous and the colors make you look like crap, you say ‘yes.’ But what if you’re a grown-ass man asked to play the gender-bending role of flower girl?

If your name is Patrick Casey you say ‘yes,’ and you do it like no other Flower Man before you.

With his decorated basket, game face on, and petals galore … a Flower Man is born.

Image via Erin Moore Photography

Casey’s the cousin of the bride, Andria Farthing, and she asked him to do the flower girl honors when she became engaged. He says the two were in a wedding together when they were kids and that’s kind of where the idea got started. “She was the flower girl and I was the ring bearer,” Casey tells Scary Mommy. “I thought about it several years back before, but I don’t know how it morphed.”

Image via Patrick Casey/Sally and Tom

It was a pretty unique role, one that was admittedly a little non-traditional. “I think there were a couple of skeptics at first, but everyone was laughing at the end,” Casey says.

Image via Patrick Casey/Michael Casey

Casey took his job as Flower Man very seriously. His signature stoic face just added to the hilarity.

“In my mind I had to keep a straight face. I was most proud of myself for not breaking,” he laughs. “At one point, I think I was just tossing petals on people.”

Image via Erin Moore Photography

Then came the height of Casey’s Flower Man career: the petal toss up inspired by LeBron James’ powder toss. IT. WAS. ICONIC.

Image via Patrick Casey/Ethan Klouthis

Even though his performance was comedic gold, he has one regret: “I forgot to use the petals in my shoes, I stuffed petals in my shoes.”

For any of the haters that think he was trying to steal the show, you can get out of here with all that mess. Casey says, “Everything was approved and planned by the bride and groom.”

And they seemed very happy with their Flower Man.

Image via Erin Moore Photography

Casey made their day, and the photographer’s too.

“I had no idea that he had flowers in his pockets. When he started coming down I was thinking that it was hilarious and that he was great!” photographer Erin Moore tells Scary Mommy. She says she was getting close-up shots of Casey’s deadpan face, then he set the basket down. “I wasn’t sure what was happening so I quickly switched my camera back to vertical and then the magic happened! I was so happy to capture the whole thing.”

Image via Erin Moore Photography

Moore has photographed flower men before, but thinks Casey definitely has an extra special way about him. “From the way he is holding the basket to how serious he was during the entire thing. I wouldn’t have been able to hold it together,” Moore says. “I think that this is the perfect example of enjoying life to its fullest and finding the fun in it, and this is what America could use more of right now!”

Image via Erin Moore Photography

It’s clear that Flower Man brings joy to many people, so we asked if he’s considering a gig in the field of Flower Man-ing?

“I’ll be anyone’s flower man if you cover my travel my expenses.”

Sounds like a bargain to us.

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