Paul Rudd Made A Mask PSA For Millennials And It's Lit, Fam

by Christina Marfice
Paul Rudd Made A Mask PSA For Millennials And It's Lit, Fam
First We Feast/Twitter

Paul Rudd is very “Hello, fellow kids” in his mask PSA for millennials, and my 30-year-old a** feels very called out

I’d like to think that millennials are not the problem when it comes to people still not wearing face masks to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. As much as the media likes to paint our generation as hard partying spring breakers, we’re actually all card-carrying adults now — some of the oldest of us are 40, for crying out loud. We’ve also grown up in the climate change era, so we should believe science. But in case there are any millennials out there who still aren’t masking up, Paul Rudd has a message for you.

The actor, who is one of us, I think (???), made a mask-wearing PSA just for millennials, and also managed to fit every, single stereotype about our generation into less than one minute of content. That alone is impressive. But just watch Rudd in this, and try not to choke on the pricey cold brew and avo toast you bought in lieu of a house, because if millennials have a brand, this is it.

“Yo, what up doogs?” Rudd says in his intro. “Paul Rudd here, actor and certified young person.”

Can’t argue with that.

“A few days ago, I was talking on the iPhone with my homie, Governor Cuomo, and he’s just going off about how us millennials need to wear masks, because, get this, apparently a lot of Covid is transmitted by us millennials,” Rudd continues. “No cap.”

“So Cuomes asked me — he’s like, Paul, you gotta help. What are you, 26? And I didn’t correct him,” Rudd said, as I personally began to feel extremely called out.

But while this PSA is absolutely hilarious, it also has an important message: Wear your goddamn mask, which Rudd communicates at the end of the PSA by first demonstrating how you can eat wings with one on, explaining how it “protects you and your dank squad,” and then completely losing it and yelling at the camera, “Just wear a mask! I shouldn’t have to make it fun! It’s science! It’s science!”

He’s right. It’s science. The best scientific and medical minds we have studying the coronavirus agree: Wearing masks helps keep people safe and saves lives. That’s it. That’s the tweet. Do you actually need anything more than that?

As Paul Rudd says, “We gotta yeet this virus.” Seriously. Wear your f*cking mask.