Paul Rudd Has Found The Fountain Of Youth––Twitter Responds In The Best Way

by Nikkya Hargrove
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At some point, we look in the mirror, and BAM, there are five gray hairs screaming back at us. And then there’s the adult acne which magically appears out of the freakin’ blue. I’ll be 40 in six months and my face surely tells the story about how I am aging, including the gray hairs that boldly announce themselves from my hairline. My 40 doesn’t look anything like Paul Rudd’s forty (he’s actually 52 and looks like he’s 30). Let’s talk about why this may be the case — Twitter did!

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It all started with a post by Indian restaurant owner Asma Khan, located in the U.K. who wrote in her caption on Twitter, “When Paul Rudd returns to your restaurant and brings Dan Levy with him!!!”

Twitter got all hot and bothered by Asma’s post of Paul and friend Dan Levy, who plays David on “Schitt’s Creek.” I am not even straight and I can appreciate the good looks of both of these men. I mean, Ashley just got right to the point:

Men weighed in too. Like Declan here, who reminds us of Paul Rudd’s actual, chronological age.

And some of us are just dismayed that our aging processes are not parallel with Paul Rudd’s.

I mean really, what is Paul’s secret to aging (or, more accurately, not)? In a 2018 interview on YouTube promoting the release of “Ant-Man and the Wasp” he joked that most of the film’s budget went to de-aging him, and it’s “a bigger budget than even the ants.” He’s funny and handsome — is there a better combination out there? Nope!

Esther took the time to do a side-by-side comparison of present-day Paul Rudd and Paul Rudd circa 1995, and just … how?!

Of course, since it’s the internet, theories abound. What kind of Benjamin Button wizardry …

What we all know, I hope, by now, is that we can’t all age like Paul Rudd. We can try but few will succeed. But damn, Paul, what will you look like in eight years when you turn 60?

I tried finding “his secret” to explain why he looks so good and ages so well, but the internet did not help me provide you with the answer. PBS News Hour also tried (without success) to figure what Paul Rudd does exactly to stay youthful and get the “Paul Rudd effect.” They had dermatologists who had something to say too, which you can read more about here. I am sure Paul Rudd is feeling his age like the rest of us, but he makes it look good.

I can’t tell you why my knee pains me every single day, or why age spots seem to be appearing, though I have an idea (because I have 3 kids), or why hairs began growing on my chin. I don’t know why — these things just happen.

… Unless you’re Paul Rudd, apparently.

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