Sanctimommy Says Mothers Should Never Go Out Drinking, Laughter Echoes Across The Land

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Mom criticizes single mothers for going out on the weekend

When you become a parent, your desire for a little freedom and a night out on the town dissolves. You live for your child only, and never even think of doing something fun for yourself. Why would you? You’ve been blessed with a gift, and you need to stare at that gift lovingly, 24/7, for the rest of your life.

LOL, just kidding.

If anything, parenthood makes you need a drink more than you’ve ever needed a drink in your life. Or a jog. Or a cupcake. Or a solo trip to the museum. Or whatever that thing is that makes you feel like an adult who’s thinking about themselves first for a brief moment in time.

One mother doesn’t think we parents should have that time, and if we do — it shouldn’t be spent drinking. Paula Winchester has one four-year-old child and claims she has not been on a night out for more than two years. She’s going to be so mad when she realizes they don’t give out trophies to moms who never leave their homes or have a drink. So mad.

“Everyone has different views on parenting but I really don’t think single parents do deserve a night off,” she told The Mirror. “I’ve only been out five times in the last four years, but I realised you’ve got to be in a fit state to look after your child.” Well, one could argue having only been out five times in the last four years would make her unfit. She’s clearly about to snap.

She explains that when her daughter is with her dad, “It’s not ‘my time off’ because I need a break, it’s Leah’s time with her dad.” She goes on, “‘When parents are hungover, it’s self-inflicted and they lie on the sofa, putting DVD after DVD on, not cooking properly. It’s half-hearted parenting and I think it’s disgraceful.”

Oh, honey. You need a come-to-Jesus moment. It’s okay to think about someone other than your child. You need to do that, STAT.

“Sometimes I’ll invite ten other mums to the park for a picnic and only two or three will say yes,” she explains. “But if they get invited out on a Saturday night, they all say yes and manage to find a babysitter and conjure up the money to go out. It’s a very selfish culture.” Or maybe no one wants to hang out with you because you are a total drag.

Moms, if you see any of your fellow sisters heading down this path — shake some sense into them. Our kids are not that fascinating. They’re great and all, but there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun and a life of your own. I’m poking fun at these quotes because they’re so absurd, but there is a serious issue here: if you stay home with your kids 24/7 and never allow yourself some time without them, you’re going to forget how to socialize with actual adults. And, if this story is any indication, there is a real risk of transforming into an insufferable sanctimommy.

Friends don’t let friends turn into ridiculous sanctimommies. Let’s all do our part.

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