Peegasms And Defecation-Induced Orgasms Are Actual Things

by Amber Leventry
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The internet really is a magical place. In case you doubt me, saddle up and let me tell you about peegasms and the question I found on Reddit that taught me this term.

TheCatfishManatee asks: “Ladies, do any of you get mini orgasms from peeing after holding it in?”

Huh. There’s a question you don’t hear every day.

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Now, I have never purposely held my pee in for the sake of pleasure, but I have had to hold in my urine to the point of my bladder almost tearing because there was no way in hell I was going to stop the car during a road trip when I had a sleeping child in the backseat. The moan that finally escaped me in a stall of a roadside bathroom did surprise me though. Was that what people would call a peegasm?

Many would say yes. That is exactly what I had. It felt really fucking good to finally pee, but I would not have called it an orgasm. Yet many women describe the sensation as a full-body orgasm that is just as good as (though different from) vaginal orgasms. Peegasms are apparently desirable enough that women (and some men) are purposely holding their pee for long periods of time so they can experience “piss shivers.”

Reverse kegels, starting and stopping urine flow, and already being turned on seem to make these peegasms really, well, flow. Reddit user uncensoredthoughts said this, “I have my girl hold her pee in all day and then when I go down on her before bed I’ll let her release it all to me.” Okay. This is a little much. I don’t want to sound judgey, but that seems a bit messy.

I guess it’s nothing grosser than a dude’s jiz—is there anything grosser than that, though? I mean this question comes from me, a queer dude who only likes vaginas. But do I really want to be dealing with my or someone else’s pee, just for the sake of an orgasm? No. No I don’t.

I am not one to deny pleasure. You should totally do you, but do it with a bit of caution. While a full bladder can stimulate nerves in the pelvis and lead to great feelings, an overly full bladder can lead to kidney damage and urinary infections. If I don’t have the time or energy to clean sheets, I certainly don’t have time to see a doctor or have a prescription filled.

And because this isn’t enough information about coming while going in the bathroom, people also describe having defecation-induced orgasms. That’s right; if you are capable of producing a large enough bowel movement you too may be able to achieve “poo-phoria.” This can happen, according to Princeton gastroenterologist Dr. Anish Sheth, when a stool is large enough to distend the rectum. In doing so, the vagus nerve is hit and sends signals through the uterus, cervix, and vagina until the brain registers the sensations as an orgasm.

The vagus nerve is one of the longest and most complex cranial nerves that transmits information to and from the brain from tissues and organs throughout the body. When the nerve is hit by a big turd, it causes a drop in blood flow which leads to a lowered heart rate, blood pressure, and less blood flow to the brain. This is what causes the high, the sense of euphoria while pooping. If you think about the number of people who enjoy anal sex, I guess it makes sense that if there is enjoyment with an object going into the anus, then there is the chance for pleasure when something comes out.

I enjoy a good shit as much as the next person, and a good fart feels pretty fantastic, but I have never had the benefit (?) of having an orgasm while on the shitter. I’m not really looking for one either, but if you bust a nut while dropping a deuce, good for you.

But know that there is danger with poo-phoria too. If there is a significant drop in blood flow to the brain, defecation syncope can occur and you can lose consciousness. To be clear: there is a possibility you will pass out from an orgasm induced by poop.

If peegasms or poo-phoria moments are part of your sexual experiences, have no shame; our bodies are pretty amazing and are deserving of all kinds of pleasure. And if all it takes is you and a liter of soda or a meal from that questionable taco shack to get off, then have at it.

Just don’t hurt yourself trying to achieve these toilet treats.

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