Reese's Trees Have Always Looked Like That, Get A Grip Folks

by Valerie Williams
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If you thought the Christmas complaining would end with the Great Starbucks Cup Controversy of 2015, boy were you mistaken. People are taking to social media to complain that the Reese’s Christmas tree candies aren’t….tree-like enough. The candy isn’t shaped like a perfect Christmas tree and instead, resembles a blob. Yes, there are seriously people freaking out over this.

When you unwrap a piece of delicious Reese’s candy that aside from its shape, still meets all standards promised on the wrapper, do you complain? Or do you just happily cram it in your pie-hole, have an orgasmic, peanut butter-chocolate experience, and move on with life? Most of us would do the latter, but some felt the need to let Reese’s know that the blob-like shape of their “trees” ruined the experience.

By the way, this isn’t new. A quick search reveals that 2015 is not the year Reese’s decided to forsake Christmas in favor of dog poop-shaped candies. There are tweets from last year pointing out that the Reese’s trees aren’t exactly true-to-life:

However, there are far more complaints flooding social media about it this year, as it seems to be the year of bored morons complaining about meaningless things on social media. While the whining over Reese’s trees has nothing on the firestorm over the Starbucks holiday cup, it’s part of an overall trend. Idiots are drunk with power now that they have social media to complain to companies about any old thing that’s bothering them. It’s incredibly irritating to see considering how many disturbing things are happening these days that don’t get nearly as much internet fury directed their way.

In this social media age, it’s so easy to ask companies to “jump” and for them to quickly respond asking “how high?” In response to the whiny tweets about the horror of unwrapping a Reese’s tree blob, the candy maker put out an apology:

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a life so free of problems that you have time to stalk Reese’s on Twitter complaining about THE SHAPE of your candy? As long as it’s not covered in mold or crawling with bugs, how about eating it and shutting the hell up? Can we please stop being total jerks? Let’s use social media for good instead of evil. It says so much about us as a people that anyone is this bothered by the shape of a chocolate tree. And none of it’s good.

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