Perception vs Reality: You're Doing Better Than You Think

by Julie Lay
Originally Published: 

I beat myself up as a parent far too often, when in reality, I am I’m pretty awesome mom. My kids get treated better and have more love in their lives than 95% of society. Yet at times, I treat myself like I am the worst parent on the planet. For losing my temper. Or making a crappy dinner. Or being too tired to play Candy Land for the third time in a row.

To open a few eyes, I thought I would dispel some parenting myths and lay some cold, hard facts out there. To give a little perspective of what it is really like to be a child in today’s society…

Perception: I lost my temper and yelled at my kids. I am a horrible parent.

Reality: Over 6 million children are abused every year.

Perception: I fed my kids crap because I had a long day and was too lazy to cook. I am a horrible parent.

Reality: 16.7 million children go hungry every day.

Perception: Our yard isn’t big enough and we don’t have a playroom for the kids. I am a horrible parent.

Reality: 33% of all children are homeless.

Perception: I sent my kid to daycare even though they aren’t feeling 100% today. I am a horrible parent.

Reality: One out of every three kids don’t have health insurance, let alone access to healthcare.

Perception: I don’t spend enough face time with my kids. I am a horrible parent.

Reality: Nearly 1 million moms and dads have been deployed overseas to fight for our country since 2001.

And we feel bad because we didn’t read enough books or do enough crafts or that we fed them Goldfish crackers for dinner? Parenting in the Pinterest Generation fucks with us all.

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