Pet Rescues Are Filling Homes With Love During Difficult Times


Pet Rescues Are Filling Homes With Love During Difficult Times

by Team Scary Mommy

The Coronavirus has been hard on us humans, but pretty great for our pets. When hugging humans is off the table, dogs and cats have stepped in to fill that void. While we’ve been finding ourselves stuck at home, we’ve freed a lot of space at pet rescues because what better time than now to put all your energy into cleaning up some messes at home. Subscribe to Scary Mommy:

Who knew a pandemic would make cleaning up poop in the yard or on the sidewalk or on your carpet not such a big deal? When your day is full of homeschooling, Zooming and cooking, taking a break to train your furry friend can make all the difference.

When you’re watching yet another movie, an extra warm body at your feet makes family movies all that more fun. Sure, the constant shedding and the fur balls in your food aren’t exactly what you bargained for, but you do have a lot of extra time to clean up. Plus, it’s not like anyone’s coming over, so think of all the fur on the floor as a new rug. Or even better, when the kids are complaining about being bored, give them a vacuum.

When your kids are complaining about the meal you made, just look at your dog. He’s drooling because he’ll eat anything. Also, those dishes your kids leave on the table unattended. No need to worry! Your dog will take care of that. Your dishes will even look like they were just washed. They don’t leave a crumb!

Most importantly, when you’re feeling stressed, petting your dog or cat is like an expensive therapy session. They’ll give you lick on the face or wet nose rub and you can’t help but smile. Plus, you just helped empty one more cage at a pet rescue.

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