You Can Train Your Pet To Video Call You Now. What A Time To Be Alive

by Jerriann Sullivan
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PetChatz enables pet owners to communicate with their pets remotely

What does your dog do all day? Is he sleeping the whole time you’re at work? Maybe he’s the one hiding all those missing socks. Thanks to a new gadget called PetChatz you’ll finally know exactly how your beloved pet is doing when you’re away from home.

This video about the product has been shared almost 400,000 times in two days, because let’s face it — animals are just better than people.

Why answer all those emails from the boss when you can watch your dog or cat in real time? The wall-mounted unit also tosses out treats to your precious pet if you decide they’re worthy. “They see you, hear you, and feel your love with the tasty treats and soothing scents you provide,” designers of the genius product wrote on their website. They created a unique scent feature for anxious animals. “You can help them find ‘serenity now’ with a burst of our specially formulated PetChatz Scentz to make their time alone easier,” they explained.

Maybe it’s a little much? No judgment. It’s also great for when you’re traveling. It plugs into any outlet and fits on a kennel door. “If your pet is in a boarding facility you can check in while you’re in Barbados,” explained Lisa Lavin, CEO of PetChatz’s parent company Anser Innovation.

Image via Facebook.

The base unit starts costs about $380 and has a speaker, webcam, microphone, and motion detector built in to make all the magic happen. Humans can access the system from our computer, tablet, or smartphone. So you can stop feeling guilty about those late nights at the office or your summer vacations. Just video chat with your darling and release a treat or two. For an extra $99 you can order the PawCall, which if your pet is responsive to training will let them call you. Take a second to let that sink in. For less than $500 you can train your pet to call you. The PawCall also lets them play games with the system.

Dogs, who always look thrilled to see us, will surely love having the option to communicate with their humans. Cats were overheard complaining about their needy people owners checking in after only 45 minutes at work.

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