Peter Finally Found His Spine On 'The Bachelor' Last Night

by Christina Marfice
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Peter’s Bachelor journey has been all about drama, but is he finally putting his foot down?

If you’ve been following along on Peter’s journey on The Bachelor via social media, you know that he hasn’t exactly been a fan favorite for the last few weeks. The drama among this season’s contestants has reached critical mass, and viewers have been almost unanimously calling for Peter to put his foot down, send home the pot stirrers, and get back to what we watch this show to see: Finding love!

Peter hasn’t been called out just by viewers, either. The women in the house who are taking this seriously (you know, the ones who want to actually find love, like Chicago attorney and certified girl boss Kelley) have been calling out Peter’s tendency to “reward the drama” by bending the show’s rules and giving roses to women who stir up trouble.

But on tonight’s episode, the second part of this week’s two-part Bachelor event, we may have seen the beginnings of Peter getting back on track. He may finally be taking control, rooting out the drama, and getting back to the business of finding love. Finally.

It all started when Peter sent Victoria Paul home with a surprise elimination in the middle of the group date. No one saw it coming, least of all Victoria P., who has been a major source of drama since the beginning of this season. She was blindsided, but Peter stood strong and let her know they were on different pages and it was time for her to go.

And then came this season’s two-on-one date card, which arrived to the Bachelor house addressed to Mykenna and Tammy with a seriously ominous message: “Enough is enough.” Mykenna’s and Tammy’s faces after hearing that:

Considering both these women have played their part in stirring up the behind-the-scenes drama that’s defined this entire Bachelor season (culminating in their explosive fight during the group date), both women had good reason to be worried. Finally, Peter is ready to put a stop to all the madness.

And so Mykenna and Tammy headed to the night’s cocktail party early, where Peter met them to try to get to the bottom of their issues. Spoiler alert: There was no getting to the bottom of it. The two women continued to fight throughout their two-on-one, and neither had anything but vitriol to say about the other to Peter.

Bachelor Nation stans know how two-on-ones work. In the immortal words of Chris Harrison, “Two girls, one rose. One stays, one goes.” After listening to both Mykenna and Tammy explain why they thought the other should go home, all of us watching at home held our collective breath when Peter finally reached for the single rose on the date.

“I can’t have both of you continue past tonight with me,” he said, before turning to Mykenna and adding, “I heard you and everything you had to say tonight, and I trust you. Tammy, can I walk you out?”

But Peter didn’t give a rose to Mykenna, like would normally happen on a two-on-one date. He continued with the cocktail party, and at the rose ceremony, shocked all the women by not giving Mykenna a rose, even after choosing to keep her over Tammy. Sydney was also sent home this week.

As Peter put it during a serious, heartfelt moment with Natasha, “I am not about the drama. I’m canceling that out as much as possible.”

Amen to that. I think I speak for all of Bachelor Nation when I say it’s about time Peter shut the drama down and got this season moving forward. He seems to have some strong relationships with the remaining women, and with all the bickering, tattling, and catfights out of the way, we can’t wait to see how things progress.

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