Stunning Photo Of Moms Holding 'Rainbow' Babies Goes Viral

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Shutter Darling Photography

A beautiful image captures six moms with their rainbow babies.

A pregnancy after a miscarriage can be difficult to endure. Once a woman has lost a child, that worry is constantly there and can make it hard to fully embrace any subsequent pregnancies. That’s why this viral image of six moms either pregnant with or holding their rainbow babies is beyond inspiring.

Photographer Alex Bolen of Shutter Darling Photography gathered six clients who had either given birth or were currently pregnant with a baby conceived after a loss. The result is a positively stunning image showcasing these brave moms and their beautiful bumps and babies.

Image via Shutter Darling Photography

The photo quickly went viral and now has over 11,000 shares. In her Facebook caption, Bolen writes, “A rainbow is a promise, of sunshine after rain, of calm after storms, of joy after sadness, of peace after pain, of love after loss.” She says, “A rainbow baby is a baby born following loss. These mommas are just six out of the millions that experience pregnancy/infant loss every day. Some speak out. Some stay silent. Some have lost many. Some try for months or years. Some meet their sleeping angels. All loved and never forgotten.”

“Rainbow baby” is a truly fitting term for a child born after their parents have experienced the ultimate heartbreak. Bolen tells Scary Mommy she had been waiting to capture the group of women for a while, hoping to create her gorgeous image. It looks like the rainbow smoke photos are becoming a trend, but it was a plan Bolen been working on for some time. “I had the rainbow gown idea for months. I had been in contact with everyone just waiting for the crazy fall season to end! I use smoke bombs quite often. I realized I could use multiple and went for them all!”

And wow, we’re glad she did. The vision of these beautiful moms and babies with the backdrop of rainbow-hued smoke conveys so much: strength, hope, beauty, a bright future. The overall effect is ethereal and dream-like, which is fitting, as these babies are a total dream come true for their parents after going through the heartbreak of loss.

Hopefully, this image spreading means plenty of women who have lost a baby will see it and feel a renewed sense of hope that their rainbow will come soon.

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