This Angry Woman Riding Splash Mountain Is Every Mom Enduring A Theme Park

This woman’s face while she’s riding Splash Mountain is the funniest thing you’ll see today

Ah, theme parks. You save up tons of money so you can take the whole family on a fun outing, and then an hour into the day you’re ready to file for divorce, disown your children, and move to a small house on a deserted tropical island. We all hate theme parks, yet none of us have ever been able to express our loathing quite as clearly as this person: the angry woman riding Disneyland’s Splash Mountain.

Image via Imgur

This hilarious photo was uploaded to Imgur by user Blackthorne519, who wrote simply, “I wouldn’t go on Splash Mountain with my wife.” Such a seemingly small offense, and yet her face says so much. Looking at her, I imagine she waited in line for four hours just to get on the ride, her husband also refused a jaunt on Space Mountain, the $42 hot dog she had for lunch was cold, and Mickey Mouse himself told her she looks tired.

The photo has only been up for 24 hours, but already it’s been viewed almost two million times. Hundreds of people have also left their own hilarious comments, saying things like, “I had fun once; it was awful,” and, “Are you married to William Dafoe?”

Of course, the most hilarious thing about the photo is how utterly meme-able it is. I mean, that face is perfect. Without even realizing it, this woman created an image as legendary as Disney itself. It encapsulates the whole theme park experience. For example:

When you’re paying for tickets, and the angsty teen at the register tells you it will be $12,940 for one-day passes for your family of four.

Or, when your kids want you to ride It’s A Small World for the 800th time in a row, and you’re about to jump out of the boat and beat one of the singing characters with an $18 paper cone full of stale cotton candy.

Or, when the day is done and you’ve been walking around the parking lot for two hours trying to figure out which of the 1,300 silver minivans is actually yours. You’re exhausted, you’re sunburned, you’re wallet is so empty it’s actually folded itself into a ball and is weeping inside your purse, and on top of all that, your kids want you to know they really didn’t have that much fun.

Some might think this woman grouchy, but in reality, she’s just keeping it real. Theme parks are the actual worst, and just because we’ll inevitably end up at one doesn’t mean we have to like it — nope, not even one little bit.

H/T Daily Dot