Man Photoshops His Dog Into A Giant, Internet Falls In Love

by Christine Organ

The Internet has fallen in love with the photo adventures of Chris Cline and his giant dog Juji

They say that a dog is “man’s best friend,” but any dog owner will tell you that their dog is so much more than a best friend. Dogs are our confidantes and partners in crime, our biggest fans, and members of the family. There is an almost indescribable connection between people and their dogs, and photographer Chris Cline captures some of that magic in his unbelievable photos with his (giant) dog, Juji.

Cline said he started taking photos of the giant Juji as a hobby after he and his girlfriend moved to Buffalo, Minnesota a couple years ago. Thanks to the power of technology (hello, Photoshop!), he transforms his already large 100-pound, three-year-old Goldendoodle into an amazing giant-sized dog.

“The temperatures here during winter can plummet to -40°F, so having an indoor hobby is a must,” Cline said in a post on Love What Matters Facebook page. “I began to play with photoshop a lot just to take up some time. At first it was just random things and then one day I created a photo of me riding on Jujis back and I posted it on my Facebook and Instagram pages and people just loved it.”

Of course, people loved. How could anyone not love these photos? Instead of Clifford the Big Red Dog, we get Juji the Big Tan Goldendoodle.

The dimensions and scenes depicted in some of his photos might not be real, but the feelings that they portray are very, very real. Just ask any dog owner.

“A lot of my inspiration comes from just every day life with Juji,” Cline said. “Obviously it is dramatized 10 fold, but it’ still our adventures.”

And, oh, the adventures they have! Cline and his dog do it all, together. They go to the carnival.

They surf and fish.

They build (and then destroy) snowmen.

They seriously do it all.

These photos aren’t just irresistible because they are fantastical and wildly entertaining, but also because they are all of us. Cline and Juji clean out the car, do yard work, and stare into the fridge searching for something delicious. And who hasn’t stared into the fridge hoping that it would magically produce something to eat along with the answers to all of life’s questions?

Cline and Juji are clearly living their best life. They read books, go for walks on the beach, and lay on their backs while they watch the clouds. They even frolic in the meadow and catch butterflies — and what is love without butterflies and a little frolicking.

“Before all of this, he and I were just a boy and his dog, but now it’s different,” Cline said. “He’s not just my dog… he’s my business partner, my buddy and my best friend.”

“I truly can’t imagine a world that doesn’t include him in it.​”

And on behalf of all dog owners everywhere, let us just say, we get it.