These Photos Show Just How Much Harry And Meghan Adore Each Other

These Photos Show Just How Much Harry And Meghan Adore Each Other

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry finally got married and the photos will melt your heart

Are you a little bit of a skeptic about the whole royal wedding thing? Do you not really get the huge amount of excitement over this one day? Well, then I implore you to look at pictures of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tying the knot. It will make your cold, skeptical heart feel so, so many things.

Let’s start at the altar. Can all of our partners forever look at us the way that Meghan looks at Harry? Please and thank you.

Image via Jonathan Brady – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Officially swooning right now.

Image via WPA Pool/ Getty

One more for good measure.

Image via WPA Pool/Getty Images

Oh yeah, and at some point Harry told Meghan that she looked “amazing” and she blushed and giggled. We are officially puddles.

It is literally a movie. A beautiful, beautiful movie. Also, not that you’re exactly thinking about fashion right now — but Markle’s tiara is looking like something else. It’s a Queen Mary’s diamond bandeau tiara lent to her by Queen Elizabeth II, per E! Online. And of course, she pulls it off flawlessly.

Then, they descended to the steps for pictures and kissing and lots of general cuteness.

Image via WPA Pool/Getty

Our hearts.

Image via WPA Pool/Getty

GAH we can’t stop looking.

Image via Danny Lawson – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Apologies for interrupting our regularly scheduled programing, but there was another set of cuties on the steps with them. Princess Charlotte is loving all the fanfare. Prince George feels lukewarm about the whole thing.

Seriously, though, Charlotte posing > pretty much everything in the world.

Back to the lovebirds.

Image via BEN BIRCHALL/AFP/Getty Images

Their sweet loving nuzzles are literally slaying us.

Image via DANNY LAWSON/AFP/Getty Images

After much adorableness, they got into a horse drawn carriage (yup, this is actually real life and not a Disney movie).

Despite the fact that there were literally thousands and thousands of strangers surrounding them, the couple looked incredibly calm and graceful.

Image via WPA Pool/Getty

Also, the posing is on point.

Image via GARETH FULLER/AFP/Getty Images

*Sigh.* I kinda miss them already.

Here’s to getting to experience quite possibly the dreamiest wedding ever, firsthand. Our hearts will probably never fully recover.