This Company Lets Your Kids Design Their Own Clothes

by Maria Guido

Picture This lets kids wear their imaginations

I have one drawing from my childhood, it’s a book I made my mom one year for Mother’s Day. When I was a kid, moms just didn’t keep a lot of stuff that their kids made, and in retrospect it’s kind of a bummer. Now, the pendulum has swung in the other direction, with many of us filling our fridges, junk drawers, and endless Target plastic bins with our kids’ creations.

There’s a better way, people — and here it is. Your kid can now wear her art, in dress form. And it’s totally adorable.

Jaimee Newberry had the brilliant idea of sewing a dress for one of her daughters based on a picture she’d drawn, and Picture This was born.

Here’s how it works: You visit the website and print a dress design template, like the one you see the little girl holding above. Then you let your child go to town with their little imaginations, drawing whatever design they want on the template. Then you snap a photo of the finished design and send it to Picture This, they even give you guidelines for how to take a good photo. The last step — wait two weeks and your child’s creation arrives in the mail.

“These dresses are printed then hand cut and sewed upon order, made right here in the good ol U.S.A. (Las Vegas, NV to be exact),” the site says. “Dresses are made with a soft, lightweight cotton-poly blend fabric – similar to a nice quality t-shirt material.”

Newberry tells Babble there are plans for more designs in the future. “We launched with just the dress for two reasons,” she explains.“First, we wanted to test the market and see if people would actually buy the product! And second, we wanted to make sure the finished piece of clothing that arrives in your mailbox is a great piece of clothing. So our launch was very focused on accomplishing those goals.”

Not only do they have templates for dresses, you can also get a matching dress for your kid’s American Girl doll or Barbie. They plan to offer designs for T-shirts as the company takes off — and take off it has. The news of the new business has been spreading like wildfire on social media and in the few days since its launch it’s been covered extensively.

It’s a great idea, started by a mom of two. Now off to hand my kid some crayons…