We're All Exhausted — Here Are 22 Honest Things To Remember As 2022 Begins

by Holly Garcia
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We’re a few days into the new year. The glitter has been swept up, and the decorations put away. But now that the newness has worn off, it kind of feels like more of the same. Depending on who you talk to, you’ll get many pieces of advice about how to get through tough times. With COVID numbers spiking to all-time highs and virtual school becoming the only safe option again, it’s easy to feel down and out — defeated before the year has barely begun.

But damn it, it is too soon for all that noise. If 2020 was the year of pivoting, and 2021 was the year of burnout, it’s about time to have a year of inspiration and resiliency. Listen, we’re all going through it right now. And honestly, we’re tired of being tired. So we all need some encouragement with a sprinkle of zen.

In the interest of making 2022 a refresh, as opposed to a “2020-too”, here are 22 words of wisdom to take with you into the coming months.

22 Pieces of Advice for 2022

#1. Self-acceptance and self-assuredness is Queen.

#2. Some people suck, so gift yourself relief by not holding others to the same standard you do yourself. They need to prove themselves worthy of your energy.

#3. Advocate for yourself; at work, at home, or in your community, because you are worth it.

#4. You can be a great person without sacrificing your peace. Burdens don’t have to be carried alone.

#5. Life is dangerously short. The past few years have proven this to be true again and again. Put yourself and your joy first!

#6. Give yourself grace upon grace this year.

#7. Remember, it is okay to not always accomplish something. Sometimes just existing and making it through another year is a win!

#8. As long as you do what is within your control to be happy and healthy, we are calling it a success.

#9. If you’re someone who gets hella anxious over not meeting goals, start small. Finish ongoing projects, and don’t put too much on your plate. Remember, “no” is a complete sentence.

#10. Stay in touch with friends and family. Create a list of people and make an effort to get in touch once a week. You never know what joy you’re missing out on when you’re out of touch.

#11. You don’t have to Marie Kondo-it, but take stock of all your stuff. Whatever you no longer want or don’t have a space for, it is time for it to go.

#12. Leave behind the grind and hustle, 4-am-wakeup-BS-mentality. Find the morning routine that works for you, even if it means having to shuffle some of your activities around.

#13. Your brain is exhausted by mindlessly scrolling through social media! Give yourself a break to reflect and refresh. Spend time outside or with family and friends, and make moments that matter.

#14. Mental health is health, so treat it that way. Make sure to hold space to check in with yourself every day and practice self-care.

#15. Be. More. Kind.

#16. Life isn’t all about always being busy or productive, but it is all about being balanced. Do what you need to get done, but don’t burn yourself out.

#17. You get to choose how you respond. Do not give your time and energy to people who don’t deserve them.

#18. Choose to grow where you are planted and have patience. Good things come to those who wait, so in a world of instant gratification, just take your time.

#19. Be present. Be intentional. Give grace.

#20. Let go of your ego, give more, take less. Giving doesn’t have to be about monetary things. You can give your time, your patience, or maybe just a kind word to someone who needs it.

#21. Don’t save the “good stuff” for a special occasion. Use the good dishes. Drink the good wine. Use that luxurious bath bomb you’ve been hoarding.

#22. This year, commit to your health and glow up. 2022 is the year we will fall in love with the journey and not the destination.

Only Take Things Forward With You That Serve Your Peace

None of these pieces of advice are groundbreaking. But they’re all worth repeating again and again.

As we continue through this world that sometimes feels stranger than fiction, never forget that you are not alone. So cheers to a new year! May your 2022 be full of happiness, health, and inspiration.

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