Dads Clap Back At Piers Morgan For Shaming Men Who Carry Their Babies

by Jerriann Sullivan
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Image via Greg Blatchford / Barcroft Media via GC Images/Getty Images/Twitter/Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan attempted to shame dads for carrying their kids

Dads took to Twitter to defend themselves after Piers Morgan attempted to shame them for having the audacity to – wait for it – carry their own children in a baby carrier. Apparently, carrying your baby makes you less of a man, according to Morgan.

The drama started when the annoying British TV personality tweeted a photo of Daniel Craig with the following: “Oh 007.. not you as well?!!! #papoose #emasculatedBond.” But it appears that Morgan’s attempt to mock and shame men who carry their babies was an utter failure. It turns out; most dads aren’t nearly as insecure as Morgan about looking like they actually give a damn about their kids.

Possibly our favorite reply to Morgan’s idiotic statement was the one above, which clearly shows all the actors who’ve played Bond have also – gasp – held their children and were even photographed doing so. How did so many men handle such an emasculating task? Hard eye roll.

He is the literal worst and had a number of terrible takes for those who questioned his ridiculous statement.

He even blamed those bossy wives for men carting around their own children. Because of course, that’s not something any “real” man would do on his own, right? Wrong.

He was absolutely refusing to back down.

Just totally convinced he was right.

With so many significant events happening across the world, you’d think Morgan would have more to tweet about than a dad doing an utterly ordinary parenting task. His attempt at being edgy reeks of desperation and like, Nicole Cliffe pointed out below, only illustrates how insecure Morgan likely is about his own relationship with masculinity.

Even though his tweet reminded the world of how much Morgan sucks, it did do one thing right: motivate dads to share really adorable pictures of them carrying their kiddos. And in a world where we talk down to dads a lot but also desperately need them to parent more, it’s always a good thing to see positive examples of fatherhood.

Once Morgan received a ton of tweets criticizing his shitty opinion, he attempted to scale back his ignorant comment by saying he wasn’t against dads carrying their children, but that they should do it with their hands and not baby carriers.

We’re calling bullshit on Morgan’s attempt to walk back his insulting comments. Anyone who has babysat a child knows that those carriers are a must-have for parents. How the hell are moms and dads supposed to do all the things they need to do if they’re using both hands to carry their child? That’s why the damn things were invented.

For example, this dad pictured above who is cooking dinner and caring for his baby. Other dads, take note, and for the love of God, please cook dinner more.

Or look at this dad, Atlanta-based singer and rapper Ricardo Valdez Valentine, better known by his stage name 6lack, who is cooking dinner, holding his baby, and recording his new album all at once.

Morgan’s original tweet only gathered a measly 189 retweets and 1,455 likes, but more than 4,000 people replied to his tweet. And we can assure that most of them were dads proudly sharing photos of themselves carrying their kids.

Looks like plenty of parents would beg to disagree, Piers. And most of them are fellow menfolk.

Sorry to burst your fragile masculine bubble.

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