Pink's Hilarious Photo Of 'Family Meeting' In The Bathroom Is Relatable AF

by Julie Scagell
Image via Instagram/Carey Hart

Every parent of little ones has this exact same ‘family meeting’ every single day, forever

If you have kids, you know there are few (if any) moments you have to yourself during the hours they are awake. It seems the more you need a moment to yourself, the less likely you are to get it, especially if that moment involves the bathroom. Pink’s husband, Carey Hart, posted a particularly, um, intimate moment of himself during a ‘family meeting’ and it’s hilariously familiar to parents everywhere.

“Dude, can I just take a shit??” the father of two posted to his Instagram page. “Family meetings always have to happen when I’m pissing off IG.” He tagged his wife, Pink, who looks to be the snapper of the classic photo, which shows little Jameson, 19 months, just chillin’ at his dad’s feet and Willow, seven, peeking around the corner while he’s sitting on the can.

The 43-year-old motocross racer has been traveling with his wife, supporting her latest tour, Beautiful Trauma. They’ve been sharing amazing photos of themselves all over the world but none that’s quite captured parenting as effectively as this one.

It’s refreshing to know even though Hart and Pink are ginormous celebs they still have to deal with the same shit (pun intended) as the rest of us parents. Just this morning, my 15-year-old busted in my bathroom while I was showering. Mid-sentence she shouts, “Can you please stop washing yourself, it’s making me uncomfortable.” Um, last time I checked this is my bathroom. If you need me during my five minutes of alone time a day, prepare to get an eyeful.

It never ends.

Pink and Hart always keeps it real, admitting to dry sex spells during their marriage and the hell that is having sick kids at the same time you’re sick. But Hart is always the first to recognize how amazing his wife is, saying, “She puts her children before anything, and while on this crazy world tour; the kids NEVER go without mama time. I don’t know how you do it baby, but I’m proud of you,” in a post for Mother’s Day.

I’m sure whatever the family needed to discuss during this meeting got resolved and hopefully, Hart got a brief moment to finish his personal business in peace. But as any parent out there knows, that’s probably wishful thinking.