Pink Wonders If People Can Go One Damn Minute Without Being Mean Online

by Julie Scagell

Pink wants to know if we can please stop with the online bullying

Pink is used to getting trolled online. She’s in the spotlight and is successful, a lethal combination for keyboard warriors who can’t seem to be happy unless they get their unsolicited advice or comments off their chests. But when they started coming after her family, the mom-of-two decided enough was enough and turned off the commenting on her Instagram. So, when she posted this adorable photo of her husband and daughter, she made a very public plea to stop with the BS.

“I’d like to propose a worldwide internet challenge to anyone reading this today. Go ONE day without criticizing someone online,” the singer/songwriter wrote. “Let’s call it the MISS ME WITH THE BULLSHIT CHALLENGE. And if it feels good, hey, why not go TWO DAYS. But let’s start with one for the overzealous out there.” This is possibly the best challenge title of all time.

The mom of Willow, eight, and Jameson, two, has made her feelings known for some time, advocating for the need to stop online bullies. It was after an incident with her little boy not wearing a diaper and commenters going full mom-shame that the singer decided she’d had enough. She’d initially stopped sharing pictures altogether, telling Ellen DeGeneres, “I cried so hard after that because I like to share my family. It’s my proudest moment. I’m prouder of my kids than anything I’ve ever done and I just won’t share them anymore. I won’t do it.”

She’s come back from that a little bit, but because of the anger and frustration the situation caused, no one can comment, leaving the trolls to sit and stew about the fact that their opinions will never be heard. The point of her challenge is an extremely valid one for everyone: Let’s stop with hiding behind our computers throwing insults at complete strangers. It doesn’t matter if someone is famous, or a person doesn’t agree with another person’s parenting style, or coloring a child’s hair really gets under your skin — no one cares.

Some may say “why doesn’t she just ignore the haters,” but she shouldn’t have to. Pink should be able to post a sweet photo of her family online for her fans and not get torn apart. It just shouldn’t happen. People are dealing with enough in their lives and shouldn’t have to take crap from a complete stranger whose cruelly-delivered opinion means nothing.

Pink has had many parts of her motherhood picked away by these bullies about everything from innocent family dinners, to coloring her daughter’s hair, to daring to drink decaf coffee while pregnant. It’s just too much, no wonder she eventually got to the point where she needed to do something drastic.

Here’s hoping regardless of the online bullies (or perhaps to spite them) she keeps sharing her adorable family with the world.