Pink Shares Video Of Her Botched Drunken Home Hair Cut

by Valerie Williams
Pink Shares Hilarious 'Hair Cuts And Drinking' Quarantine Video

Some of us are starting to crack during quarantine and Pink is right there with us

I think it’s safe to say during these unprecedented and totally insane times that we’re all another day or two of quarantine away from doing something drastic — like cutting our own hair. That’s exactly what Pink is up to these days while self-isolating with her family to help slow the spread of coronavirus. She shared a hilarious Instagram video yesterday explaining her brilliant (drunken) idea to cut her own hair and it’s so relatable it hurts.

“Hair cuts and drinking. Quarantine diaries,” she captions the vid. I can confidently say that anecdotally, I know several people are turning to the scissors while quarantined. We are pent up and bored — time for ill-advised bangs I guess.

“This is my PSA,” she says. “Walking around my house getting ready to vacuum and take a shower. I’m eating pretzels.”

Um. As this quarantine drags on, I’m pretty sure 84% of my waking hours are spent eating pretzels. Go on.

“I don’t know how much you guys have been drinking during this whole quarantine thing but I’ve decided to make it a sport,” she says. “And I wanted to share something I did last night. When I drink I get really, really brilliant ideas and last night, I got an idea, ‘I can cut hair. I can totally cut hair. Why have I been paying people all this time?'” she muses.

WELP. Now she knows why she’s been paying people. Pink moves her beanie back to reveal her little chop job. Whoopsie.


“Am I giving you like, Alyssa Milano vibes right now? Charlize Theron? I don’t know. I might try to fix it tonight. What do you think?”

OK, part of me says, “Step away from the clippers” and part of me kind of wants to see how this pans out.

This is far from the first time Pink’s shared with the world how she’s spending the hours while self-isolating to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. She’s been working out — with a 40-lb weight on her back.

She and daughter Willow are trying to stay on some kind of schedule while normal life is on hold.

And if all else fails, she’s been turning to rage-baking.

She closes out the video with words of wisdom we can all use right now.

“Stay safe, stay home! Cut your own hair, screw it.” Pink, can we please spend the rest of our social isolation time hanging out with you?