Pink Nails How Hard It Is To Raise Your Kids Without Grandparents Close By

by Sarah Bregel

On Instagram, the singer shared how growing up can change your perspective on your own parents

We can always count on Pink to give us the real, unfiltered version of herself. That includes sweet moments with her family, but also, shedding light on the tough stuff, too. She just did a little of both with her lasted Instagram post in which she shared a sweet picture of her and her daughter, Willow, along with a heartfelt caption about her relationship with her dad.

“My dad sent me this picture today,” she wrote. “I can’t believe how little she was. How simple it was.” In the image, Willow gives her mother a kiss on the cheek while Pink is all smiles.

Then her post changes tunes to reflect on the relationship she has with her own parents. “When I got grown, I moved as far away from my family as I could while still being in the same country. And now, I wish I lived next door. I wish my kids could walk to their house and have a cookie I wouldn’t approve of. I don’t believe in regrets, but I do believe in growth, and change. And I miss my dad.”

This isn’t the first time Pink has shared her feelings about her family. She’s written entire songs about over her challenging upbringing, including her parents’ divorce, and what has, at times, been a strained relationship with her mother, who she says kicked her out when she was 15. But Pink has also owned up to a lot, saying she was not an easy kid to raise. And it truly seems like she’s grown so much over the years, especially now that parenthood has given her a fresh perspective.

It tends to do that doesn’t it?

She has shared sweet tribute photos of her dad in the past.

The singer seems to only have good things to say about her parents these days. She told Redbook her mother is one of her “best friends.” And she’s shared sweet moments with her dad, too, like when she brought him out on stage to perform with her — his first time performing in front of an audience.

On stage, she calls her dad her “favorite person in the whole world.”

Regardless of where our parents live, if we’re lucky enough to have them around once we become parents ourselves, being a mother can make us wish we could go back in time. We understand how tough being a parent truly is. We also see how quickly time goes by. It seems like Pink is doing a great job of keeping her family close in spite of their past struggles.

It’s not always easy, but it seems like she truly appreciates having good parents in her life, and in her kids’ lives, too. It’s a great lesson for us all.