Pink Posts The Most Relatable Mom-Life Selfie: 'I'm So Tired'

by Valerie Williams
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Pink shares adorable photo of herself with her kiddos — and a t-shirt every mom needs

Pink is easily tops on our list of favorite celebrity moms for a number of reasons: she’s real, she’s relatable, and she’s hilarious. The pop star and mother of two managed to work all of those factors into her most recent Instagram post that included both of her kids and the best mom-life shirt we’ve ever seen.

Pink took to the ‘Gram yesterday while seemingly trying to harness all kinds of zen and surrounded by her children — eight-year-old Willow and two-year-old Jameson. She and Jameson are in coordinating shirts that basically sum up the life of a toddler and a parent. She captioned it “Family portrait” and added an LOL emoji because as every mom knows, you’ve gotta laugh when it comes to trying to capture a sweet photo of young children.


Indeed, Jameson is looking extremely toddlerly and getting his roar on while Willow eats a snack, clearly a bit unenthused at this little photo sesh as Pink tries to zone out and get through it all.

We feel you, sis.

In her continuing crusade to keep the trolling haters at bay, Pink’s Instagram comments are still disabled and that’s completely fine and understandable because people can be truly awful and she has a right to distance herself from that toxicity.


After the internet losing its mind over a naked baby, no one blames her.

Allow us to add some comments of our own: relatable, adorable, we NEED that shirt, and we hope she gets a chance to meditate soon considering she’s not only a super involved mom, but also a pop superstar currently on a world tour.

TBH, the parenting part is probably only slightly less exhausting than performing for huge venues several nights a week. But only slightly.

Luckily, she has relaxed some on sharing photos of her littles, which she recently vowed she was absolutely done doing because again, people can be truly awful. Keeping the comments turned off while still showing the world how stinking gorgeous her kids are seems like the ultimate balance.

Pink, please continue doing Instagram however you’re comfortable because we need to see these super real parent-life photos in our feeds. The adorable kids can’t hurt either.

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