All Moms Will See Themselves In Pink’s Most Recent Instagram Post

by Julie Scagell

Pink most recent Instagram photo is a powerful nod to motherhood

Just when we think we couldn’t possibly love Pink any more, she shares an intimate peek into her family life and dammit if we don’t love her more for it. On Monday, Pink shared this sweet photo of herself nursing two month-old Jameson Moon while daughter Willow curled up in her lap. It’s a position many of us have found ourselves in; lying around, draped in children.

She captioned the photo with a line from a poem by Rumi,” ‘I was dead-I came alive. I was tears-I became laughter. Love’s wealth arrived, And I became Everlasting fortune,’ ” which perfectly captures motherhood.

Pink is one of those famous people we can actually relate to. She’s an open, no-bullshit kind of woman you would actually want to spend time around. She’s candid about her relationships, she’s quick to call out her critics, she proposed to her husband, and she has a dog named F**ker. What more could you want in a woman? She seems so normal you almost forget she is a singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress who has sold over 60 million albums worldwide.

Her most recent image is a powerful nod to motherhood. These are the moments we relish, the ones we ache to hold on to. Pink is this famous, powerful woman who tours all over the world but images like this remind us how connected we all are. It seems these days there is always some war over which parenting style is best. Helicopter vs. free range, stay at home vs. working mother, mainstream vs. au natural. The list goes on and on. Pink’s photo is a simple reminder that we are all in this together. We are mothers first, no matter who we are or what we do.

Pink has always been open about breastfeeding and the need to normalize it. The Pennsylvania born singer has always been vocal in her support of public breastfeeding, sharing a photo of herself on Instagram in 2016 with daughter Willow saying, “I proudly post this photo of a very HEALTHY, NATURAL act between mother and child.”

Given the daily chaos and challenges parenthood often brings, Pink’s candid photo captures motherhood at its finest — draped in children, whether or not you breastfeed. Thanks to Pink for letting us in, for continuing to be so open and authentic, and for reminding us just how beautiful motherhood can be.