Pink’s Latest Instagram Post Is Nod To Momming In The Summer

by Meredith Bland
Originally Published: 

Seriously — it’s going to be okay

Sometimes, especially during the summer, we need reminders that parenting doesn’t have to be all nature hikes and building small cities out of recycling. No, parenting can also be leaving your kids to their own devices while you drink a cool beverage and listen to Blue Ivy rapping on repeat. Pink, the patron saint of chill mamas, offers us that reminder in her latest Instagram post.

In a photo posted yesterday, Pink shared a little of what she and her daughter are up to this summer:

Pink looks into the camera with a face that says, “Try me. I want you to,” while her daughter stands behind her with a face that says, “I agree. You should try my mom. It’ll be great. I promise.” Pink captioned the photo with this: “Yeah, my kid rides her bike inside. Without clothes. And helmets. While I ignore her and look at my phone. #failingbeautifully #loveinthebigapple2017.”

Naming the troll bait before the trolls can feast on it is a next-level move that more of us should consider doing since it’s impossible to post a photo of your kid being happy without someone chiming in to tell you all the ways you are failing them. So: riding the bike indoors? Check. That’s her shit and her floors. It’s cool. No clothes? Sure. Kids hate clothes and there is no reason to fight that fight. Also, “mostly naked” happens to be the standard uniform for riding a bike indoors. No helmet? Nope. No elbow or knee pads, either. Not even a mouth guard or a cup. They sure are living life on the razor’s edge over at the Pink household.

“But at the very least,” whisper the sanctimommies, “She must be following her daughter around the house with her hands inches away from her sides so she can catch her if she falls, right?” Nuh-uh. Pink is having a damn seat and ignoring that child while — and here’s the part that will send people to their fainting couches — looking at her phone.

And you know what? We are 99.999% sure that her daughter is going to be just fine; there will be no cracked skulls, this will not be a moment she will still be talking to her therapist about in 20 years, and life will go on. We thank Pink once again for normalizing what is, in fact, normal, and not propagating the bullshit that so many of us are fed about what motherhood should look like.

Take it easy, moms — we’re with you. In fact, we’re going to stay quiet and hope our kids forget about lunch until it’s time for dinner. Hurray, summer!

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