You Can Literally Bring Your Kids’ Creations to Life with this App –

You Can Literally Bring Your Kids’ Creations to Life with this App

Sponsored by Play-Doh

Sponsored by Play-Doh

I’m not trying to be dramatic here, but Play-Doh is TOTALLY upping their game with the Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio—and my kids and I are freaking out just a little bit.

I may be in my *ahem* late 30s, but I can still get as giddy as a school kid when it comes to kids’ toys.

So, when I recently brought the Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio home for my kids to test out, I explained to them that they could play with the Play-Doh and make creations like they normally would using the cut outs and stampers, but then afterwards, they could place it on the white ‘studio’ and scan it with the app I downloaded for them. And then… the magic happens. Once scanned, their creation would literally come to life.

I will pause now while your mind explodes. (Again, not trying to be dramatic.)

My kids are 7, 5 and 3-years old and each one of them was thrilled about their little cut-out dinosaurs and jelly fish being animated on an iPad before their eyes. The kit also comes with a mold to make a ghost, snail or a sheep as well. And you can then add cool effects to make your characters dance, spin, float and a lot more with little stampers like balloons, wings, musical notes and a whole bunch of other cut outs.

Kids can use different colours, different shapes, different stampers—and each time get a different outcome in the app (which is free, by the way). The combinations are pretty much endless.

Oh—and if you don’t feel like making one of those shapes, you can bring your kids’ crappy little blobs—I mean, artistic masterpieces—to life as well. The app will animate them with faces and legs and set them to music, too.

Screen time has become a part of our lives these days. And telling our kids they can no longer interact with technology is not exactly realistic. So, it’s no surprise that Play-Doh has taken everything you love about toys for kids—the creativity and imaginative play—and adapted it for today’s lifestyle.

One of the best parts about the app is that once the character is on the screen, kids don’t have an elaborate game to play, but instead get to mix and match more Play-Doh creations to see what will happen next. Kids need to use their imaginations and explore, discover and express themselves artistically, rather than searching for a high score or levels to complete. So basically, they use their brains while having fun without complaining about learning. Parenting win!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get my 5-year old to give a tutorial on this new-fangled technology stuff.

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