Affordable Plus-Size Clothes That Are Perfect For Spring

by Team Scary Mommy
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Plus-size clothes that are fun, flirty, and in your budget.

It’s almost spring, which means it’s time to ditch the mittens and heavy jacket and find some new, flattering clothes that make us feel like we’ve still got it. And we need them at affordable prices since we’re moms and spend most of our money on our kids.

We plus-size ladies want clothes that hug and flow in all the right places. We deserve flattering cuts, bold colors, and fun prints. Because when we rock cute clothes, we’re living our best life.

So here are some plus-size looks that are perfect for spring:

Crochet Tunic

Image via Walmart

This Crochet Tunic has a shallow V-neck for coverage and a flattering A-line cut. And it’s only $10!

Flutter Sleeve Top

Image via Walmart

A Flutter Sleeve Top is a must-have, and this one comes in 20 different colors. It’s currently on sale for $9.95 (originally $18.99).

Lace Victorian Top

Image via Walmart

How adorable is this Lace Victorian Top? I’m getting one in each of the six colors. (It’s only $14.99!)

Floral Print Top

Image via Walmart

This Floral Print Top has a great cut and a floral print that’s good for sitting in the sun.

Ruffle Sleeve Blouse

Image via Walmart

This Ruffle Sleeve Blouse also comes in white or light blue, has a flattering fit, and is only $17.98.

Open Front Cardigan

Image via Walmart

An Open Front Cardigan that comes in over 30 colors and is a great addition to any spring wardrobe.

Kimono Top

Image via Walmart

This Kimono Top pairs perfectly with a tank and is light enough for the warmer weather.

Flutter Sleeve Kimono

Image via Walmart

A Flutter Sleeve Kimono is another fun look. This one comes in three different prints and has a little bit more length.

Print Wrap Dress

Image via Walmart

This Print Wrap Dress is another reason we can’t freaking wait for spring to get here. And it’s only $16.98.

Half Sleeve Wrap Dress

Image via Walmart

This Half Sleeve Wrap Dress ties in the front, has a great fit, and we adore this print.

V-Neck Dress

Image via Walmart

This V-Neck Dress is a show-stopper. V stands for Va-Va-Voluminous. Probably. It should, anyway.

Print Knee-Length Skirt

Image via Walmart

A Print Knee-Length Skirt pairs with a blouse and a cute pair of shoes for a flirty spring look.

Print Maxi Skirt

Image via Walmart

This Print Maxi Skirt is as stylish as it is comfortable, and it comes in six different floral prints.

Print Pencil Skirt

Image via Walmart

A Print Pencil Skirt accentuates your curves and comes in over 30 different floral designs.

A-Line Skirt

Image via Walmart

This A-Line Skirt comes in seven different colors and is a great way to add some brightness to your wardrobe.

Jersey Leggings

Image via Walmart

You can’t go wrong with a pair of comfy Jersey Leggings. And they are only $10!

Print Leggings

Image via Walmart

Print Leggings are so fun and versatile, and everyone should own multiple pairs of them. These are also only $10!

Super-Soft Jeggings

Image via Walmart

These Super-Soft Jeggings are super comfy and I will be living in them for the foreseeable future.

Stretch Jeans

Image via Walmart

Or if you prefer real jeans over jeggings, these Stretch Jeans are the perfect fit, and they come in eight different colors.

High-Waisted Palazzo Pants

Image via Walmart

These High-Waisted Palazzo Pants are flowy, come in a variety of colors, and are another great look for spring.

So there you have it: A ton of cute items that you can mix and match to brighten up your look to get ready for some sun. And as for winter, we can’t say we’re sad to see it go.

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