Plus Size Women Are Sharing What They're Wearing To The Beach This Summer & You Love To See It

by Christina Marfice

A new TikTok trend has plus size women sharing what they’re expected to wear to the beach vs. what they actually wear, and it’s so liberating

Summer is in full swing, and that means it’s time to beat the heat by heading to wherever you can find your nearest public pool or beach. But for women who take up a little more space than was society allows us, the warm months can represent a time of being sweaty and uncomfortable, hiding our bodies behind clothes that are not made for this weather. Can we just all collectively say, “Not anymore?” A new trend on TikTok has women showing the outfits society expects them to wear to the beach, versus the comfy and cute swimwear they’re actually rocking this year, and you won’t believe how liberating it is.

The trend seems to have started around a month ago, when user MrsBosin shared this video.

“This is the type of outfit I wore to the beach/pool most of my adult life,” she wrote over a shot of herself in long shorts, a baggy t-shirt, and a baseball cap. “I was ashamed because society says big isn’t beautiful.”

Then, the video switches suddenly to a shot of her in a gorgeous black bikini, and y’all — when I tell you I gasped out loud at how incredible she looks. She is so beautiful! I honestly feel sorry for anyone who can’t see it. And what’s even more beautiful is that she’s found the power within herself to wear something that makes her feel great (and obviously look great, too, come on).

I’ll NEVER be ashamed again,” she wrote over the new look, adding a crown emoji for good measure. Let’s just say the emoji fits.

MrsBosin set off a wave of other curvy women who have now copied the trend, showing videos of what they’re “supposed” to wear to the beach, compared to the absolutely stunning looks they’re putting on this summer instead.

Seriously, look at all these women unapologetically loving themselves and their bodies. If you’re not loving this trend, you might want to check your pulse.

Warning: Side effects of watching these videos include rushing to the mall to buy that tiny bikini you’ve always loved but never thought your body was “good enough” for. BRB, I actually need to run a quick errand that happens to be exactly that.

Ladies, it’s 2021. It’s about time we went to the beach or the pool in whatever the heck we want to wear, and felt great about it! Bodies are literally just bodies, and swimsuits are just clothes to put on them. So pick the cutest, comfiest one you can find and have that hot girl summer. You deserve it, girl, no matter what you look like.