Mean Note To Trespassing Pokémon Go Players Goes Viral

by Jerriann Sullivan
Originally Published: 
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Someone penned a note to trespassing Pokémon Go players, and it’s pretty funny.

By now you’ve realized what Pokémon Go is or have had the nearest child explain it to you. And you’re likely on team “hell yeah this game is awesome” or team “this is so dumb. When will it end?” The rest of us are just enjoying the spectacle the mega popular game has created.

The latest in the ongoing Pokémon saga comes in the form of a note someone posted outside of a building with multiple tenants. “Get a life and stay out of my yard,” the letter reads in part. Why would harmless gamers be trespassing, you might be wondering. Simple, that’s how you catch ’em all.

Pokémon Go uses GPS and Google Maps to create an augmented reality that lets players travel in the real world while finding and catching Pokémon, Mashable reported. Everyday spots – churches, parks, etc. – are also locations in the game, which has led to hordes of people showing up at random places. Sometimes those places happen to be someone’s home. Hence the note.

Clearly, the best part of this hilarious letter is the listing of ridiculous past fads including Crystal Pepsi, ten seasons of CSI: Miami, and hammer pants. Two excellent trends listed in the note can still be heard and enjoyed on 90s nights at nightclubs across the world – the Macarena and songs from Will Smith’s Willennium. And nobody should tell our angry author that Crystal Pepsi is coming back. Their week has clearly been hard enough.

The letter writer does raise an excellent point that the game’s profound popularity is most likely temporary. When was the last time you saw someone playing with the original game – Pokémon cards? So we probably shouldn’t piss off our neighbors or cross busy highways while playing the latest rendition.

Obviously, the game is fun. It’s so popular that servers in America and Europe crashed on Saturday after it was made available to 26 countries and millions of people downloaded it. And it’s getting some great press and a million thanks from parents for getting so kids outside and moving and socializing with others. We just have to remind gamers that our neighbors’ privacy and boundaries are more important than what’s happening on their phone.

If you’re at a loss of where to spend your precious time catching Pokémon, the letter writer mentions a nearby bar. It probably isn’t tagged as a PokéStop, but you’ll never know until you check it out. And unlike a stranger’s yard, it’s perfectly acceptable to hang out a bar staring at your phone all night.

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