You’ve Never Failed As Bad As The Person Who Designed This Pool Float

by Cassandra Stone

Once you see it, it cannot be unseen

Unique and enormous pool floats seem to be all the rage this summer. Where there’s a pool, chances are there is also a giant unicorn or swan floating in it just waiting to be Instagrammed. The latest giant pool float to catch the internet’s eye is…a little bit different.

Originally posted to Reddit, this popular new raft may look a little familiar to some of us.

Almost immediately, the photo took off on Twitter thanks to Jillian David. She basically called out the pool float company for their obvious lack of women included in the design consultation meetings.

If you’re not snorting with laughter over this, then you must be a person on the marketing staff for this particular pool raft company. Down to the quilted texture and blue accents (you know, for absorbency), this pool float looks like the maxi pad we’ve been carrying around in the bottom of our purses since 7th grade.

Needless to say, the reactions are priceless. Because honestly, how did this make it all the way to store shelves? HOW?

LOL. Who among us can’t relate?

Now that’s the kind of bulk store package deal we can get behind.

It also doubles as the perfect air mattress to set up in the guest room when Aunt Flo comes into town. Heyooo!

In case you’re wondering about the validity of this product, don’t worry. Not only does it exist in actual stores, it’s available on Amazon too. You know, in case you’re too embarrassed to let everyone know it’s that time of the month, you can keep that bit of information between you and your UPS guy.

The Amazon reviews keep the giggles coming:


Do you think the company behind this pool float is banging their heads on their desks in unison yet?


“Hot red one-piece.” We’re downright chortling.

We can’t help but imagine the model shown on the box was probably like “WTF? Why am I sunning myself on a hug pad?” during that photo shoot. Because literally any woman–or any man who has lived in a house with a menstruating woman–would undoubtedly see the maxi pad connection here.

But then again, commercials for tampons and pads are still substituting realistic-looking period blood for that weird blue liquid in 2017, so who knows what really goes on in these design meetings?