These Tweets Are So Spot-On They Got Over 100K Retweets

by Joanna McClanahan
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Twitter / @silence__kit

Before I had kids, I spent hours and hours on Twitter for fun. Now that I’m a parent? I spend hours on Twitter for my mental health.

Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but what else am I supposed to do while my kids are home and watching PBS Kids? I know all the songs from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and not by choice.

But for the people who love Twitter, we understand that it has some of the funniest people on earth. And when we need to laugh, it’s the first place we go.

And some tweets are so damn good that they go mega viral, with over 100,000 retweets. Here are some of those gems…

This dog, for instance, that has hair I’m pretty jealous of:

This one about moms that is painfully accurate:

This tweet about being able to say what we’re all thinking, literally:

Speaking of saying what you’re thinking:

Or this one about the best exchange to ever happen on a plane:

And the best subway tweet ever:

And here’s the most painfully accurate tweet about driving:

This tweet about the ideal Uber experience:

And this one about the least ideal Uber experience:

This tweet is one that anyone with terrible money management skills can relate to:

Here’s one with some confused chickens:

Here’s the most accurate tweet ever about girls’ showers:

And one about the laundry you’ll probably end up doing:

This tweet speaks to my soul:

Here’s one about the cutest kid ever:

Here’s one about the funniest kid:

And here’s one about the funniest dad:

And yes, Twitter is more political, but that’s just another reason I love it:

And it’s a place where funny people come to take a serious stand:

And a place where smart people get to clap back:

And some tweets are more serious:

And some are all about people supporting one another:

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