Mom’s Post C-Section Selfie Proves Every Birth Is Photo-Worthy

by Sarah Hosseini
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Image via Instagram

C-sections are just as photo-worthy as any other birth

C-sections are a little scary. It is major surgery after all. But one woman and her baby look absolutely thrilled about the whole thing, proving c-sections can have happy, photo-worthy endings too.

Back in December, Thaise De Mari gave birth to a baby girl she named Carmel. She took a selfie with her newborn and partner while still laying on the operating table after her c-section and posted it to Instagram. The photo is social media gold. The family is full of smiles and it’s totally adorable.

“And suddenly the picture of my life is without production, without resolution, without worry about hair, makeup or angle!” the Brazilian fashionista writes in Portuguese.

“Carmel already showing in the first seconds what’s to come, making a family HAPPY! She’s happy to get out of the cage.”

She probably is elated to get out of the womb and stretch her legs, but wow, does this baby know how to express her happiness. Not only does this selfie show that c-sections can be happy, it also proves they’re totally photo-worthy. All births are beautiful, and this one is certainly no exception, but so many viral photos we see of moms and babies after birth are after vaginal births. It’s great to see a c-section photo getting so much positive attention.

“There’s no way to describe when you hear the cry and see your little face for the first time,” she writes. Clearly, the way Carmel was born in no way dampened this mom’s excitement about her new baby girl.

As for Carmel, her smiley debut into this world has only continued in her short life. She’s amped about basically everything.

About being a mermaid, because of course she is.

Make it STOP. My ovaries are exploding and I’m telling my husband I want a third as I type.

This baby is pumped about her pretty bow.

She’s thrilled about her penguin swimsuit.

Seriously, this Instagram feed makes me want to have millions of babies. Just scroll through if you’re having a bad day – her smiles are contagious.

This baby is life goals. Be happy about anything as much as this baby is about simply existing.

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